Gemini Horoscope for November 2017

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

You have been giving most of your energy to work as well as to one, possibly troublesome relationship, so it’s time to withdraw from the world a little and enjoy peace and rest. The full moon on November 4 will be in Taurus, 12 degrees, lighting your twelfth house of privacy. You need a weekend to catch your breath, away from the maddening crowd, so don’t even think about feeling guilty about putting the Do Not Disturb sign on your door. I would not call this phase slacking off – you need time to think, for if you keep going like tumbleweed in the wind, you’ll never be able to direct your energies toward maximum success. If you can’t scoot away for a weekend in fresh air and sunshine, then treat yourself to a massage in a spa.

I like this new moon for you, for it will receive a golden beam from Pluto from your eighth house of regeneration. Pluto is also a financial planet and is IN your eighth house of other people’s money. It’s possible that you will receive a check for money you earned or will be given as commission, cash advance, prize, an inheritance, valuable gift, or for other reasons.

Neptune will also be perfectly positioned to help you daydream productively about what you see for you in the future. Neptune will inspire you to create big dreams.

A study came out recently that reported people who daydream regularly have more efficient brains, zoning out when they are bored or distracted, for those people grasp concepts and complete straightforward tasks more quickly than others. The study said these people use less of their brainpower than others – the reason their minds wander. This sounds like you, Gemini, for it is said that you process information differently, always keeping both hemispheres of your brain active, a unique talent of Gemini. The ancients wrote that you process incoming information from both the right (intellectual) and left (creative) sides of your brain. This is why I want to urge you to daydream more, but particularly in early November. (See “Daydreaming Might Be a Sign of Higher Intelligence.”)

I had read elsewhere that the brain processes a daydream like a memory and so the brain does not know the difference between real and imagined life. Said another way, the brain can’t tell the difference between the future and the past, so once you convince your brain that you CAN achieve something, and further, that you have ALREADY achieved it by daydreaming the accomplishment, the brain will follow suit and believe the dream is real. Your entire mind, body, and spirit will be aligned in sync, you won’t have that inner critic doubting you, so are more likely to achieve your goal. During the first week of November, indulge in a daydream, dear Gemini.

The start of November has many sweet aspects. Take note of November 9, when Pluto and the Sun will be in sync, making it a perfect day for making a client presentation, applying for venture capital or line of credit at the bank, applying for student financial aid, negotiating benefits with your new employer for a new position you are taking, or for doing anything else that is financially oriented.

Once you get to November 18, the new moon in Scorpio 26 degrees will arrive, and this will be an outstanding new moon. It will light your sixth house of workaday projects, and help you think about how you can streamline your daily routine so that you have less wasted time, more productivity, and more time to yourself at the end of the day. This new moon will not only help you examine your approach and methodology of your tasks, but it will also give you a superb opportunity to hire new staffers who will support your efforts. (It is a good time to hire help at home too, whether a babysitter, gardener, or contractor.) You might now buy new computers, software, and various gadgets to make your subordinates – and you – do your work more easily and cheerfully.

I had a Gemini friend who always changed jobs with a new moon in her sixth house and she wondered why she was always disappointed she took the job, doing essentially the same job when she arrived at   the new company. I explained to her that if she wanted to get a new position that offered greater responsibility, influence, and money, then she would have to wait for the new moon in her tenth house of fame and honors, which for you, dear Gemini will happen March 17, 2018.

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