Gemini Horoscope for May 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

You have a big month ahead, one you will like very much. While most of the pretty fireworks will happen in the second half of the month, there will be some jewel-like moments in early and mid-May, too. Let’s start at the top.

A job project seems to be ready to finish up, along with fanfare to you at the full moon in Scorpio, 17 degrees, May 7. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, and with Pluto orbiting close with good-fortune Jupiter, you will likely be paid a generous sum at this time. Alternatively, a decision you announce now may bring you greater financial success as you move forward. The money you will make now, or in weeks or months ahead, appears to be able to provide you with a steady commission, licensing fee, or royalty, or it might be a large one-time fee or bonus to you.

I also love that your ruler Mercury will be in sparkling conversation with Neptune, the planet of art and creativity, at the full moon. Neptune also rules your career, so clearly the work you have already put into this project will pay off toward adding to your admirable reputation for excellence.

In many ways, May and June may turn out to be two of your most important months of 2020 for career change and advancement. You might think, how is this possible? Millions of people are unemployed, everyone seems frozen in place, and employers and clients seem unable or unwilling to spend money. That is true, but not for you. I trust the astrological math here—you are heading into an exciting assignment that could help you make good money and also give you room to express your imagination through your ability to write in a tender, poetic way.

I am optimistic about your professional outlook because Mars will enter Pisces on May 12, to stay until June 27, your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement, and he will cast a brilliant light on your abilities and give you an opportunity to grow. Mars only comes by this area of your chart every two years, so while you have Mars, you need to be actively looking for the ideal role for you to shine within. Take offers seriously, and rather than accept a project as is, gently offer your ideas of how that assignment can be made even bigger, better, and more effective. I am assuming you have experience, but if you don’t, still offer ideas—but be careful not to come off strident or bossy (which is not you)! Not every client will accept your ideas, so you have to accept that at the start, but you can certainly try. I always try to bring lots of ideas to the table.

Before you get to May 12, Mars will continue to light your ninth house, where he has been putting an emphasis on an international relationship at work or on a publishing or broadcasting project (including radio, Internet broadcasting, and other digital forms like podcasts). Your ninth house, so lit up by Mars in a rare trend, will also help you if you work in academia, such as at a college or university, or within the legal system. If you were thinking of applying for a grant, do so in early May. During the first part of the month, you may also be doing research or building strategy. Realize that your way with words is compelling and will provide you with your golden key to a door you passionately want to open.

The new moon of May 22 will be in Gemini, and it will be a very important one for you, for the Sun, new moon, Venus, and Mercury will all be in Gemini, putting you in the spotlight. More good news is that the Sun and new moon will be in harmony with Jupiter and Pluto in your eighth house of other people’s money. This means you will likely see a generous sum of money from a commission, royalty, bonus, licensing fee, or through a court settlement or insurance payout.

The emphasis on writing, speaking, or editing and other communication arts will be emphasized in a much bigger way at your personal annual new moon May 22 in Gemini at two degrees. This is a really wonderful new moon and will advance not only your natural talents in communication arts, but also help you advance other long-term goals. A new moon like the one on May 22 is not powerful for only a day, but for weeks and months ahead. You can use the energy that it will provide you to set the course you want to follow. Your talent with words will be tapped, for sure. If an opportunity comes up, because you have several transiting planets in Gemini, the sign of twins, you’ll likely receive two offers, not one. Depending on your situation, you may be able to take both. If not, choose the one with the long-range potential.

On another note, if you are close to a relative or friend who is not well, this month, you could be on the phone with medical personnel on that person’s behalf. If you need elective surgery yourself, and the general ban on elective surgery has been lifted in the time of the pandemic, you may go ahead with having it done in the first 12 days of May, a good time to do so.

There so many gifts from this new moon, including the prospect of being paid or receiving a considerable sum of money. I love that this Gemini new moon of May 22 will be in an out-of-sign trine to Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck. (Jupiter is at 27 degrees, Capricorn, very close to zero degrees, Aquarius, the reason the new moon and Jupiter are in conversation.) Jupiter is currently in your eighth house of other people’s money—the place where your luck lies.

Look to one or more areas of gain for you: commissions, bonuses, severance, royalty, licensing fee, government programs and packages, insurance payout, university financial aid and scholarship, pension, court settlement, venture capital, mortgage or a refinanced mortgage, court settlement, or an influx of funds such as back child support. These areas shine for you, so don’t tell yourself you are unlucky—just the opposite is true. Seek the funds, for you will find them.

By bringing up elective surgery, I am not referring to cosmetic surgeries and procedures like facelifts or Botox or filler injections. Venus will go retrograde from May 12 to June 24, almost the exact period that Mars will tour Pisces. Venus rules beauty, luxury, and soft embellishments in life—flowers, perfume, jewelry, wine and champagne, lingerie, spas, and overall feelings of being pampered. Venus also rules good looks. When Venus sleeps, all the areas of life she rules languish. That’s why you might want to be careful if you think you can cut your own hair or try a do-it-yourself hair color. Try to do a root touch-up first, but if you feel compelled to do overall color, choose a color that is a tiny bit lighter than the color on the box, which is especially important if you are a brunette.

When my children were little, Diana, then age 4, came into the bathroom while I was brushing my hair and putting on makeup. I had to try to save money, for my husband was always out of work. Little Diana looked up and said, “Mommy, why is the back of your hair a different color from the front?” Horrified at the thought, I asked her to go get her sister, Chrissie, by then age 7. Chrissie came to me and nodded. “Diana is right. The back of your hair is a completely different color than the front—much lighter, Mommy.” I couldn’t see the back of my hair, so I wondered, could my children be right? I immediately called my friend Brian, who lived in the neighborhood and came over. He agreed and said, “Your children are right.” Then Brian said with authority: “Step away from the sink and get professional help immediately.” I wondered, how long have I looked like this? From that day forth, I never tried to do home hair coloring again and always went to the salon.

Ah, but now we are in a pandemic, so I say that I, personally, do not find home hair color easy. I am sure some readers will say that it is, and I wish I were you, as I clearly have no talents in this area. Go slowly with hair color, just in case you’ll find the process as hard as I did. Doing highlights is something I have not tried, but they require an entirely new level of skill. I have called friends who in a panic say to me, “Got to go, my highlights turned out green, and I have to call someone to help me!” Yikes!

With Venus retrograde, you must be careful because you can’t go to your favorite hairdresser to fix things if your experiment goes wrong. After all, you will still have Zoom conferences on the agenda. Now, with Venus going retrograde this month, the chances of situations becoming haywire will multiply. I have special sympathy for men whose hair is growing—if you live with someone who can help you cut your hair, that helps, but even so, do give it a subtle, tiny try before May 12.

Men, you won’t have your barber or stylist to help you decide which beard to try and how to best design a flattering one for your face (assuming you want one because facial hair has become popular). When Venus is retrograde, it is always best to stay with the status quo and not make any radical changes. (Normal grooming is okay, of course!)

Venus also happens to rule Gemini’s fifth house of truelove, so if you have been dating someone and you are apart, now would be a good time to think about the relationship. By talking to each other on the phone a lot, you will get to know one another on a deeper level. Subtracting the physical element from the relationship, you will be forced to just talk—and that will set up a good foundation for the future. As a Gemini, you love to talk!

Does this person make you happy? You might waffle, so don’t force an answer—by July, you could be absolutely confident about your feelings, one way or another. If you are married or living with someone in a long-term committed relationship, you may decide whether to have a baby soon. That decision is up to you, for only you know the circumstances, but I do see the discussion surfacing. If you already have children, you might be thinking about doing something to help one of them.

In the first week of May, you will be your charming best. Venus has been circulating in Gemini since April, and as said, she will retrograde May 12 to June 24. Venus won’t leave Gemini until August 7, so you will have plenty of time to enjoy being Venus’ favorite child in July and through the first week of August.

If you feel you’d like a new piece of clothing to cheer you up from being in continual quarantine, most of us are thinking in terms of buying a new top. Tops are the most important garment to focus on, especially for all the video conferences and FaceTime you will be doing. Choose a beautifully cut shirt. Cuban shirts were on the runways lately for men (and are extra cool), or for women, a pretty blouse with sleeve interest. Or choose a well-cut T-shirt of thin silk in white, cream, or a flattering color. By August, you can start thinking of the coming season. You will likely find something wonderful that you love and can afford.

Buy your new piece of clothing in the first 12 days of May before Venus goes retrograde. (To avoid the perils of Venus retrograde, what matters is the day you actually shop for the item, not the delivery date, for the initial sale is what counts the most.)

Next month, Mercury will go retrograde, a time when you should not sign contracts, from June 17 to July 12. This means now, in May, the first days of May will be extra important to wrap up any matters. If you have a product launch for an item that is interesting to women, it would be best if done May 1-10 or after June 25, for Venus rules all items directed to women.

I might as well drop the other shoe. Pluto went retrograde on April 25, not to go direct until October 4. Pluto rules the masses, governments, and big money deals. It also rules viruses. Saturn will follow suit by going retrograde from May 10 until September 28, and Jupiter will go retrograde May 14 to September 12. Jupiter is locked into a close orbit with Pluto, and they are orbiting shoulder to shoulder along with Saturn, the planet that rules responsibilities, hard work, and our concept of time. With all three planets going retrograde, the spread of the pandemic will be curtailed.

As you see, with so many planets in retrograde, including Venus now, and Mercury soon in June and the first part of July, we will be going back to the drawing board and refining plans and redoing projects.

For you, most of these planets will affect your finances, so if someone owes you money, it may take until October to get paid. Try to get paid in full in early May, but because these planets are in Capricorn, you also need to be realistic. If the person does not have the money, you will have to be patient. As they say, you cannot get blood out of a rock, but starting in the first week of May might help you get the check you need.

Since we might be allowed outside more, some people may assume the pandemic is over, but it will be resting under the surface, only to roar back starting in late September or early October through the end of the year. At least the coronavirus will simmer down in coming months worldwide, and maybe we will have medicine by December. I know that would be miraculous, but many companies and nations are working together to speed discovery. Let’s pray they do find the cure.

Please Note: On October 1, 2020, there is a full moon in Aries 9º, not Aquarius 9º. We apologize for this error in our 2020 calendar.


A work project— one that will allow you to put your personal stamp of creativity on it—will finish up within a day or two of the full moon, May 7. This project will be enthusiastically received, and the full moon will be in an out-of-sign trine with Neptune, meaning the full moon and Neptune will be in great harmony. The compensation you receive now or in time, in terms of a raise, commission, or fee for your polished project, will be substantial.

This project seems to have taken a lot of energy, so after you ship it, rest over the weekend of May 9-10. You might want to consider treating yourself to a soothing at-home spa treatment as a reward for work well done.

When it comes to career, you are on a roll. Mars is circulating at the top of your chart during the first 13 days in your ninth house of philosophy, higher concepts and education, and publishing and broadcasting. You may be working on a book contract or screenplay or learning lines if you are an actor. Professional acclaim will rachet up in a big way once Mars moves into Pisces from May 12 to June 27 to light your house of honors, awards, and achievement for the first time in two years.

The new moon of May 22 will be in Gemini, and it will be a very important one for you, for the new moon, Sun, Venus, and Mercury will all be in Gemini, putting you in the spotlight. More good news is that the Sun and new moon will be in harmony with Jupiter and Pluto in your eighth house of other people’s money. This means you will likely see a generous sum of money from a commission, royalty, bonus, licensing fee, or through a court settlement or insurance payout. Saturn is newly minted in Aquarius to stay a short time (March 21 to July 1) until it settles in more permanently in 2021 to early 2023. Saturn will help you solidify your gains and build upon them more rapidly.

Romantically, Venus will be in Gemini but will retrograde from May 12 to June 24. Venus in this weakened state could cause you to hesitate about moving ahead with a romantic relationship. You may need more time to think about how to proceed. By all means, take your time.

Venus retrograde will affect everyone, but you may feel this period more than most because Venus will tour Gemini. For that reason, do not do Botox or any major changes to your appearance during this phase. In fact, this is not the time to try a completely different hair color, to go from long to short hair, or to try hair extensions. You see where I am going with this—just wait. If you’d like to do something special to your appearance, do so May 1 to 7, but leave a space of as many days as possible before Venus goes retrograde, May 12. Don’t be sad that Venus in Gemini will be weak—when she returns, she’ll stay strong in Gemini from June 24 to August 7. If you’re single and looking, you could meet someone online on a dating or social media site. You will be forced to go slowly, the old-fashioned way, and that’s the way to build a foundation for your new relationship.

This month is a happy one. On May 24, your ruler Mercury will receive a golden beam from Uranus, a day when you are likely to hear sudden, happy news about how well you are doing professionally. This is a Sunday, but you will feel the energy building on Friday, May 22, and it’s a special day for the new moon will be in Gemini, favoring you. Following the new moon, you will find life more glamorous through the many opportunities that surface.

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