Gemini Horoscope for March 2019

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march 2019

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This will be an important, exciting month for progress in career matters, but in a way that you might not expect. By this I mean Mercury, your ruler, will be retrograde in your career sector from March 5 to March 28, so the professional advances you see will be about projects you discussed with others some time ago, and much to your surprise, will now be revisited and likely approved and advanced. Or, someone you worked with a long time ago may come back into your life and say you are the one that would be ideal for the assignment.

The month begins with a significant new moon on March 6 in creative Pisces, at 16 degrees, setting off discussions. You will have four brilliant stars shining in your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement, so March will be one of the most exciting months of the year for your professional life. Among the heavenly bodies in your tenth house of fame will be, as said, the new moon and mighty Sun, but also your ruler, Mercury, and the outer planet Neptune.

Neptune will be conjunct the Sun and new moon and rules your image, suggesting your face will be visible for many to see in March. You may garner favorable publicity, or you may make a video or be invited on a TV show early in March, just after the new moon arrives. Are you an actor? The movie you have worked on for months will be released to great reviews. If you’re a musician, you may return to songs you had been writing that you put aside, and now you will rework that song, and hit all the right notes.

Neptune governs not only photography, music, and the silver screen, but also has a magical, lyrical influence on all the arts. Neptune has dominion as well over dance, art and illustration, poetry, costume design, hair and makeup, perfume creation, and other highly creative arts that stem from the visual and sensual right brain. If you are an actor, go on auditions—this is your month to be chosen for a big role, for Neptune rules acting.

Neptune rules the concept of compassion too, so this planet covers charities and humanitarian concerns. All these activities glitter brightly for you in March, so if you are involved in any one of the areas listed above, you will have a sprinkling of pixie dust.

You have two impressive planets supporting this new moon, Mars and Saturn. Let’s take each planet separately, starting with Saturn, the planet of stability, wisdom, and long-term promises and situations.

Saturn is currently in your eighth house of other people’s money in a long, three-year visit (you have completed two of the three years so far), so you may be learning to manage bigger sums or to maximize what you have. This house also rules money that comes to you through insurance payments, company benefits, inheritance, prize winnings, commissions, bonus, royalties and licensing fees, loans, and other sources. Money from the eighth house often comes in as a lump sum. If you are discussing a job, you seem to have an array of solid options of company benefits this month, because the new moon in your prestigious tenth house of career reputation will be so friendly to Saturn. You should come away from talks in March with a comforting sense of financial security.

Uranus, the planet of disruption, creativity, innovation, and genius, will now enter your twelfth house of privacy, setting your imagination on fire. The twelfth house is considered a place of solitude, so from now through the coming years, you will do your best work when you are alone, away from the distraction of others.

Mars will also be friendly from a different part of your chart, the twelfth house, known to be a highly creative area where you would be urged to work alone, and possibly in secret. This month, your creativity will flourish while you are in solitude, and luckily, although you are a warm, gregarious sign, this month you seem to crave peace and rest. The need to hibernate will be strong, so give in to it. Without the usual distractions, you will be able to think and find ways to develop new approaches to your creative work. A new moon sets off opportunity, so on March 6 or just after, a new project is likely to come up that you will want to muse on and later begin to develop.

Something else is going on this month that will be very exciting. Uranus will move into Taurus on March 6, and this is the planet that rules the publishing and broadcasting portion of your chart (ninth house), an area that usually interests Gemini, for you are known as one blessed with excellent communication skills.

This will be the first time since 1934 to 1942 that Uranus has been in Taurus, the twelfth-house portion of your chart. Since Uranus will remain in this area for seven years, until 2026, you will likely be working intensely on a project that may demand research and concentration on details. Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury—it takes the mercurial thinking, reasoning, and perception and synthesizes the data to create something new and innovative, into the realm of genius. You must be brave and have faith in your abilities and be willing to develop your gifts, no matter what your age, for you can always grow your talent in strength.

You will have a rare chance—perhaps the most impressive and important one in your life—to create something completely new and compelling through the written or spoken word, as an author, editor, publisher, podcaster, TV host, or through other means of harnessing the media. The caveat is that the message you want to convey must come from deep inside you, and it must be yours and yours alone. You will bring it out by working in solitude. You will have all the time you need, and gradually, Saturn and Pluto will step in to work with Uranus to help you. These two planets won’t do that now but will in time. Have faith in yourself and your own creative ideas.

For now, if you have an appointment with a client or for a job interview on Friday, March 8, the Sun and Saturn will be beautifully aligned, and you will do well. You seem to be meeting with a no-nonsense, conservative banker or another financial person on this day, and you will impress this VIP with your seasoned, realistic thinking. This is not a day to share big ideas, but rather to emphasize how to pay for those ideas. Be practical on March 8.

If you need a weekend to brainstorm quietly for big ideas for a current project, devote yourself to that activity over the weekend of March 9-10, when Mars and Neptune will align for your benefit. Mars relates to action, and Neptune, to the stimulation of the right-brain. Together they will help you unlock answers visually or via your other senses, such as through listening, to find a unique, original answer or expression.

If you have a professional appointment on March 12 or 13, it will be a successful meeting, for the Sun and Pluto will be in ideal sync.

March 16 would be divine to sign a contract, for your ruler, Mercury, will be in perfect angle to Pluto, a powerful, financial planet known to bring impressive transformation and growth.

Although the start of the month will emphasize career, the last third will inspire your devotion to love.

The full moon on March 20 will fall in Libra, at the zero degree, considered a very energetic, significant degree, and will glow in your fifth house of romance. This will be a gorgeous and tender full moon, bringing to culmination a matter of the heart. If you have been dating someone, you will decide on where to take the relationship. If you are single, you might meet someone new that you won’t be able to get out of your mind.

You may decide to take a vacation later in the week with the one you love, or to attend a party. I particularly love the idea of you taking a trip with your sweetheart, because Venus and Jupiter will be in ideal sync by the following day, March 21, making it a highly romantic time, especially in a country that requires a passport for entry. You might want to spend a long weekend in Paris. Or you may take a trip to St. Barts to enjoy the fine, white-powdery beaches and turquoise waters there. You have so many choices—the world is your oyster.

There are other possibilities for the full moon. If you are hoping to become pregnant, you may be knitting baby booties during the week of March 20, plus or minus four days, for the house where this friendly full moon is shining also rules conception and birth. If you already have children, one of them—most likely your eldest—will bring news to make you happy. Be sure to check in with your children if they are grown and don’t live at home anymore.

If you have been working on a creative project, it will come to fullness now.

This moon is widely sweet to Mars, so the force will be with you. Money seems to come to you at this time, too—Mars will be in ideal angle to Pluto and Saturn in your eighth house, suggesting you will likely receive some sort of notice that a sum of money is on the way to you. The proximity of Venus and Jupiter—both considered planets of happiness, but also of financial gain—will underscore the theme of money owed to you. If you have an agent or business partner, he or she will be instrumental in receiving news regarding a financial deal or that you’re due a bundle of money.

Near the end of the month, you will notice quite a bit of energy swirling around you—the pace will pick up, and you’ll see the end of delays. Mercury, your ruler and retrograde in Pisces since March 5 in your house of career matters, will go direct on March 28. At nearly the same time, on March 26, Venus will enter the same tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement boosting your popularity at work (and for job interviews and presentations) until April 20.

Mars will leave your twelfth house—the area of solitude you and I spoke of at the start of your report—and move into Gemini on March 30 for the first time in two years. This nearly ensures April will be a major month for you. Your energy and optimism will return in full force, and you will be courageous, daring, and not willing to take no for an answer. You will assume a higher profile in your personal life, socially, and also on the job, professionally, from then on. You will like April very much—all the pieces of your puzzle are coming together and fitting into place, dear Gemini. You will have lots to celebrate.


Uranus, the planet of disruption, creativity, innovation, and genius, will now enter your twelfth house of privacy, setting your imagination on fire. The twelfth house is considered a place of solitude, so from now through the coming years, you will do your best work when you are alone, away from the distraction of others. You will need time away to hear your inner voice clearly.

This is no fleeting energy, for this influence from Uranus and your twelfth house will be in place for seven years, from March 6 of this year until April 25, 2026. If you plan to work on a research project, write a thesis, or publish a book, you will have the ideal planetary aspects to make it a success.

The caveat will be that you will really need to focus on your work in the communication arts and stretch to develop your skills. Uranus in the twelfth house can make you highly intuitive, even psychic at times, so listen to the whisperings of your heart. It will not let you down.

Early March will mark the finest time of 2019 to score a major victory in your career. The new moon on March 6 will set all in motion, boosting your profile high. You have the brilliant Sun, the new moon, and Neptune in your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement, suggesting you will be on TV or pictured on the Internet or in print media, for Neptune rules the silver image.

Calls may come in now with opportunities you only used to dream about, but you’ll also want to look at listings and generally send out the word that you are interested in entertaining offers. The position you uncover—or if self-employed, the clients you find—will tap your considerable creative talents. Someone behind the scenes will speak up for you—it will be someone you’ve done business with in the past. Alternatively, you may have discussed a project that you wanted to do, but it stalled for some reason. That particular project may now perk up and bring exciting news.

Love looks exciting and promising at the full moon on March 20. If you didn’t become engaged at Christmastime or Valentine’s Day, it could happen at the March 20 full moon. Venus will be in close conversation with Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, so if you have been dating and know you have found the person you want to wed, a marriage proposal could be in the air, either given or received. Keep in mind that Mercury will be retrograde from March 5 to 28, and Mercury is Gemini’s guardian planet. As exciting as things might be, don’t make any final plans until after Mercury goes direct.

If you are single, this full moon could bring an introduction to someone fascinating, and it would likely be at a party or on vacation. This full moon would be an ideal time to go away for a few days if you have the vacation days coming to you. Take March 21-24 for a long weekend.

Alternatively (or additionally), you might wrap up an important creative project within four days of March 20. If so, the compensation you receive should please you. In romance or creativity—you seem to win big.

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