Gemini Horoscope for March 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This is no fleeting energy, for this influence from Uranus and your twelfth house will be in place for seven years, from March 6 of this year until April 25, 2026. If you plan to work on a research project, write a thesis, or publish a book, you will have the ideal planetary aspects to make it a success.

The caveat will be that you will really need to focus on your work in the communication arts and stretch to develop your skills. Uranus in the twelfth house can make you highly intuitive, even psychic at times, so listen to the whisperings of your heart. It will not let you down.

Early March will mark the finest time of 2019 to score a major victory in your career. The new moon on March 6 will set all in motion, boosting your profile high. You have the brilliant Sun, the new moon, and Neptune in your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement, suggesting you will be on TV or pictured on the Internet or in print media, for Neptune rules the silver image.

Calls may come in now with opportunities you only used to dream about, but you’ll also want to look at listings and generally send out the word that you are interested in entertaining offers. The position you uncover—or if self-employed, the clients you find—will tap your considerable creative talents. Someone behind the scenes will speak up for you—it will be someone you’ve done business with in the past. Alternatively, you may have discussed a project that you wanted to do, but it stalled for some reason. That particular project may now perk up and bring exciting news.

Love looks exciting and promising at the full moon on March 20. If you didn’t become engaged at Christmastime or Valentine’s Day, it could happen at the March 20 full moon. Venus will be in close conversation with Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, so if you have been dating and know you have found the person you want to wed, a marriage proposal could be in the air, either given or received. Keep in mind that Mercury will be retrograde from March 5 to 28, and Mercury is Gemini’s guardian planet. As exciting as things might be, don’t make any final plans until after Mercury goes direct.

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