Gemini Horoscope for March 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This will be the first time since 1934 to 1942 that Uranus has been in Taurus, the twelfth-house portion of your chart. Since Uranus will remain in this area for seven years, until 2026, you will likely be working intensely on a project that may demand research and concentration on details. Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury—it takes the mercurial thinking, reasoning, and perception and synthesizes the data to create something new and innovative, into the realm of genius. You must be brave and have faith in your abilities and be willing to develop your gifts, no matter what your age, for you can always grow your talent in strength.

You will have a rare chance—perhaps the most impressive and important one in your life—to create something completely new and compelling through the written or spoken word, as an author, editor, publisher, podcaster, TV host, or through other means of harnessing the media. The caveat is that the message you want to convey must come from deep inside you, and it must be yours and yours alone. You will bring it out by working in solitude. You will have all the time you need, and gradually, Saturn and Pluto will step in to work with Uranus to help you. These two planets won’t do that now but will in time. Have faith in yourself and your own creative ideas.

For now, if you have an appointment with a client or for a job interview on Friday, March 8, the Sun and Saturn will be beautifully aligned, and you will do well. You seem to be meeting with a no-nonsense, conservative banker or another financial person on this day, and you will impress this VIP with your seasoned, realistic thinking. This is not a day to share big ideas, but rather to emphasize how to pay for those ideas. Be practical on March 8.

If you need a weekend to brainstorm quietly for big ideas for a current project, devote yourself to that activity over the weekend of March 9-10, when Mars and Neptune will align for your benefit. Mars relates to action, and Neptune, to the stimulation of the right-brain. Together they will help you unlock answers visually or via your other senses, such as through listening, to find a unique, original answer or expression.

If you have a professional appointment on March 12 or 13, it will be a successful meeting, for the Sun and Pluto will be in ideal sync.

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