Gemini Horoscope for March 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

You have two impressive planets supporting this new moon, Mars and Saturn. Let’s take each planet separately, starting with Saturn, the planet of stability, wisdom, and long-term promises and situations.

Saturn is currently in your eighth house of other people’s money in a long, three-year visit (you have completed two of the three years so far), so you may be learning to manage bigger sums or to maximize what you have. This house also rules money that comes to you through insurance payments, company benefits, inheritance, prize winnings, commissions, bonus, royalties and licensing fees, loans, and other sources. Money from the eighth house often comes in as a lump sum. If you are discussing a job, you seem to have an array of solid options of company benefits this month, because the new moon in your prestigious tenth house of career reputation will be so friendly to Saturn. You should come away from talks in March with a comforting sense of financial security.

Uranus, the planet of disruption, creativity, innovation, and genius, will now enter your twelfth house of privacy, setting your imagination on fire. The twelfth house is considered a place of solitude, so from now through the coming years, you will do your best work when you are alone, away from the distraction of others.

Mars will also be friendly from a different part of your chart, the twelfth house, known to be a highly creative area where you would be urged to work alone, and possibly in secret. This month, your creativity will flourish while you are in solitude, and luckily, although you are a warm, gregarious sign, this month you seem to crave peace and rest. The need to hibernate will be strong, so give in to it. Without the usual distractions, you will be able to think and find ways to develop new approaches to your creative work. A new moon sets off opportunity, so on March 6 or just after, a new project is likely to come up that you will want to muse on and later begin to develop.

Something else is going on this month that will be very exciting. Uranus will move into Taurus on March 6, and this is the planet that rules the publishing and broadcasting portion of your chart (ninth house), an area that usually interests Gemini, for you are known as one blessed with excellent communication skills.

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