Gemini Horoscope for March 2018

A Note from Susan Miller

March 2018

Welcome to March, one of my favorite months of 2018. This month has spectacular aspects in the first three weeks…

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You may be surprised to hear this, but March is due to be a dazzling month for career progress, and you are the sign most likely to have the most buzz about your mounting success. This will become more obvious mid-month, but now, as you enter the month, think about what you hope to achieve in your professional life, and start to get your resume, bio, or CV polished up, for you will need it.

As you begin March, planets are quietly gathering in Pisces at the very pinnacle place in your chart, known as your tenth house of honors, awards, achievement, and fame. The planets gathering there include Venus (VIPs love you), Mercury (news), Sun (access to authority figures), and Neptune (your industry image). All these heavenly bodies will be working on your behalf in early March, and they are simply waiting for the new moon to trigger all the possibilities that exist for you.

Before you can even begin to think about how you want things to go, you will be focused completely on your home or family. This comes thanks to a divine full moon, March 1, in Virgo, 11 degrees, in your fourth house of home. You may be going to a big family event, such as to a wedding or to a party to celebrate the recent birth of a baby that arrived for your sister, cousin, adult child, or other close relative. It’s an exciting moment in your timeline.

Alternatively, as you start the month, you may be moving into a new apartment or house, or buying / selling / renting property. If you like where you live, you may be concluding a renovation, seeing important furniture being delivered, or you may be finishing up a decorating plan. You might be renting a cottage for getaways you will take this summer. The reason I love this full moon so much is that Saturn will support this full moon, so you are likely to enjoy the decision you will make, or the experience you have at the full moon, March 1. All full moons are strong for a plus four days, bringing you straight through the weekend of March 3-4.

More importantly, this is a full moon in Virgo, ruled by Mercury, which is the ruling planet you, Gemini, and Virgo share. The fact that Mercury is making one of the finest possible aspects to Jupiter, planet of good fortune, is remarkable. What good luck you have for all family events and actions! If you must sign any papers, you can do it anytime in the first three days of March, confident you have chosen one of the best times of the year to do so. Venus will also be in elegant form, making the weekend fun and very romantic. It would be an ideal weekend for a wedding.

Mars will be in Sagittarius, a holdover from January 26 when Mars first entered this sign. Over the past weeks, you have been focused on a significant other – spouse, someone you are dating seriously, a business partner. It is also possible that instead you have been focused on a competitor or critic. If someone had thoughts to share, they surely did do so, loud and clear. Sagittarius is not the easiest sign for you to host, but if you have other natal planets to help boost this placement, you may have enjoyed the trend. It will end on March 17 when Mars moves to Capricorn.

Once in Capricorn, Mars have you focused on finances from March 17 to May 15. This is a once-in-two-year trend that will have you nearly obsessed with money matters. You will organize your receipts to give to your accountant to file your return, review the performance of your retirement portfolio, and you might as well send for your credit report. You will have two months to find ways to increase your savings and investments and to learn about the latest tax laws so that you can legally take advantage of any new deductions.

It is likely that your spending will increase during the coming two months (March 17 to May 15) too, for Mars in the eighth house is known to stimulate purchases. While you are thinking about money, you might also check to see if you can delete any recurring charges on your credit card that you no longer need. Take steps to guard against identity theft by checking credit card statements closely. There are companies that guard your credit and notify you if anything unusual comes up on your credit cards, so you might want to look into those, too.

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