Gemini Horoscope for June 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

One way might be that a secret a partner in love or business has withheld from you will fly out suddenly, but in a casual, offhanded, or even accidental way. The information will be like a geyser forced up from under the ground. The Sun rules your writing and communications, and the moon rules your income, so if an incident should occur, it would involve a partner, money, and some sort of written or verbal communication you send out, or perhaps it will come to you. You may be a writer or editor, work in public relations, marketing, sales, do agent work, and so forth—if so, your work could also be part of the discussion.

Be careful about what you say and put in writing when eclipse season is in full swing like it is now. You need to be sure you don’t poke the hornet’s nest in social media or in other parts of life, for you can never predict how the eclipse will fall in the weeks after it has delivered its news. What you say or do, or what others say or do, will be magnified during eclipse season.

If you are leaving a marriage or a business partnership or joint venture, you may find out your partner has not been completely open and honest with you about assets. Sagittarius (the sign of this eclipse) is a sign that deals in ethics, justice, and the search for truth (versus what is imagined), so getting to the bottom of this secret could be one of your aims. Because both Mars and Neptune are in your house of career, I feel you are more likely thinking about a business collaborator or partner than a romantic partner or spouse, and as a result, be ready to end things. Still, I cannot see all the planets in your chart, so I have to add that conditionality.

Neptune is the planet of the arts, so in another manifestation of this eclipse, you may be coming to the end of a big project and also preparing to have the critics review it.

June might bring your best opportunities of the year for your career and could well turn out to be the most important month of 2020 for making impressive progress for your professional work.

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