Gemini Horoscope for June 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

The June 5 full moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius might be a drain on your health, so take no chances. Keep up social distancing, eat nutritiously, and get enough sleep. If you do and are well rested, you will deal with decision-making more effectively.

The June 5 eclipse in Sagittarius will bring news regarding several parts of your life—your career, income, savings and expenses, and the possibility that a competitor might aim to impede your professional progress. However, the most important focus will be on your close, committed relationship with your spouse, serious live-in sweetheart, or important one-on-one collaborator in business. You may discover a piece of news that knocks you sideways that you will have to think about.

By a stroke of luck, on the June 5 eclipse, Mercury, your ruler, and Uranus, planet of innovation, will be in sync. This suggests the answer you come up with will be genius and likely to come out of left field, and because Mercury will soon retrograde, they will again form a positive aspect on June 30. You have several good surprises coming.

A fine financial opportunity tied to your career will likely surface after the new moon solar eclipse on June 21 appears, so keep alert. This is money you will earn, not win, but it could also come from the outside, such as through an insurance payout, commission due, severance, government stimulus program, court settlement, or other source. This eclipse is working with the one due next month, the July 4-5 lunar eclipse.

Be optimistic, for the June 21 new moon solar eclipse will have the power to bring a bonanza to you. Your reputation and career accomplishments of the past 18 months will be under discussion, and if you’ve worked hard, Jupiter and Pluto will see to it that you get substantial material rewards.

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