Gemini Horoscope for June 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

You will likely have high expenses in June, due to Mars’ visit to your income and savings sector, so the extra money you make in the first week will come in handy.

Mars (go, go) will oppose Saturn (stop, stop) on June 14, indicating that you will be a cautious shopper—these planets will affect your mood through the middle of June. Be careful not to miss sending a payment to a credit card company or another scheduled payment, such as to a lender, for on June 19, the other party is likely to be insistent that you send the check.

In terms of your career, press forward at the start of the month, because once Neptune turns retrograde from June 21 to November 27, you will be in a consolidation mode, solidifying your wins but not making any new big ones for a while. You will do best during Neptune’s retrograde by spending time preparing for your next venture, one that you won’t unveil until late November. This month, however, has one superb day when Neptune, ruler of your professional fame and honors sector, will beam Mars, on June 13. Give a presentation, schedule an important interview, or meet with a reporter for publicity on this day.

Romantically, you will be at your charming best, for Venus will enter Gemini on June 8 and stay until July 3. Your charisma will easily reach new peaks, and it will be easier for than usual you to attract love and have fun. The full moon in Sagittarius of June 17—strong for plus or minus four days—suggests that many Geminis will become engaged or wed under the light of that full moon. Or, if you prefer, you can use this full moon for finding accord with a business collaborator, expert, or client, and you may want to make the alliance official with paperwork. If you are in a hurry to start, sign on June 20, no later, for Mercury, your guardian planet, will go retrograde throughout July, and you’ll feel the approaching slowdown and frustrating glitches by the end of this month.

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