Gemini Horoscope for June 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

As terrific as the day June 27 is (and it will be special), I don’t want you to sign a contract this close to July. As mentioned earlier, Mercury, your ruling planet, will retrograde throughout July, and besides, we have a new moon solar eclipse in Cancer due on July 2. You should not sign papers so close to any eclipse, as eclipses tend to bring up news you won’t expect and will change your priorities.

Many Gemini work in the media, so if that includes you, with an eclipse falling so close to America’s birthday on July 4, don’t take a vacation—it looks like you may be needed in the newsroom to cover a breaking news story, one on a national scale. New moon solar eclipses tend to be positive, for they open a new door. (I should admit not all of them are positive, but most are.

Romantically, you will be in a perfect position to attract love in June, now that Venus will spend most of the month in Gemini for the only time this year. Venus will enter your sign on June 8 and remain there until July 3. This would be an ideal time to do something to improve your appearance—get a great new hairstyle or makeup if you are a woman reader. Whether you are male or female, you might want to buy new clothes now, for they would have you looking like a million dollars.

During the time Venus spends with you, you will be highly magnetic, so if you are single and looking to find your one truelove, make it a point to socialize more this month. If you are attached, plan some special events to do together—buy tickets to a concert or Broadway show, plan a romantic weekend trip together, or book a beautiful dinner out in a special occasion restaurant. These are just some ideas to start you thinking and to add spice to a wonderful month when Venus will put you first.


It’s your birthday month, and the new moon on June 3 will be your cosmic gift certificate from a loving universe. Jupiter, in your marriage/partnership sector, will act like a supportive, kindly relative who is on a mission to partner you up. You may become engaged or married now, or you may sign a business partner to help you get ahead at work. You may, alternatively, be given a plum assignment that taps your abilities in writing, speaking, editing, translating, or coding, and with your ruler, Mercury, partnering with lucky Jupiter, you are likely to make generous money from the job. Watch June 7 when your ruler, Mercury, receives brilliant beams from Uranus, the planet of surprise.

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