Gemini Horoscope for June 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Later, on June 18, a very rare aspect will occur when Saturn will be in ideal harmony with Neptune, linking both your financial houses—one associated with other people’s money, and ruling bonuses, commissions, royalties, and one related to funding such as a bank loan, venture capital, or mortgage. This positive aspect is a feature of 2019. These two planets move very slowly and will influence you throughout the year, as they don’t have to make an exact mathematical hit like they will on June 18 to lend their harmonious support.

Saturn and Neptune first met on January 31 this year, and after this meeting on June 18, Saturn and Neptune will signal each other again in a friendly way on November 8. After that, they will part, go their separate ways, and not communicate again in a positive way until 2031. This means that you might see good money for your hard work this year, especially if you work on royalty, commission, licensing fee, bonus, or another performance method.

This year, you may be able to start to put a substantial dent in a student loan, bank loan, or mortgage, perhaps by paying back more funds than your creditor requires so that you can see the amount you owe go down more rapidly. Later this year, Jupiter will enter your eighth house of other people’s money, on December 2, for a twelve-month stay, and you will do even better financially. (This is the same house that taskmaster Saturn has been traveling through since December 2017 and will stay during the lion’s share of 2020. All the while, Saturn has been giving you a cosmic MBA. At times, Saturn’s lessons have not been easy, but you’re nearing the end of this period.) This part of your life has been garnering a lot of attention for the past 18 months, but next year will be much better for you financially.

As you near the end of the month, on June 27, you will have an especially bright aspect, when the Sun and Uranus trade signals, bringing a possible surprise opportunity to travel spontaneously. The houses lit will be both your travel sectors, your third and ninth houses. If you doubt you will have a chance to travel unexpectedly, there are other ways this could work out. You could receive an exciting email or text message that thrills you or very good news about your sister, brother, or cousin. Your intuition will be very strong and sure, and you may feel a flash of insight about a recent situation that helps you understand it in a new way. Additionally, you might have a breakthrough with a client based overseas or with a legal case, or you could receive an exciting assignment in publishing or broadcasting.

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