Gemini Horoscope for June 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Not only at the new moon on June 3 but also at the full moon on June 17, Neptune will create a foggy environment, obscuring facts that you might later wish you had known at the time to form your serious commitment. Before you hire a partner or expert, do your due diligence by knowing the background of the person you are hiring—in business, call all references. If you are getting married, be sure you have met your partner’s family and friends before you walk down the aisle. I’m sure you have, but I say this anyway, in case you are swept away in love.

Still, this full moon will be bursting with joy, as it will orbit very close to Jupiter, the planet known to bring happiness, gifts, and luck. This suggests that your partnership, whether it is impending, or has been ongoing, will now produce a prosperous upturn. Whenever Jupiter is involved, a generous sum of money usually follows, in this case, you may see a sizable profit (business) or gift (through your marriage partner or wedding guests).

Now that you’ve seen the main theme of the month, let’s look at some of the other special dates—you might want to circle them on your calendar to use for special initiations.

On June 7, your ruler, Mercury (in Cancer) will receive dazzling beams from Uranus (in Taurus), bringing lots of happy, surprising news, very possibly in terms of money that is on the way to you. Mars is currently in Cancer, so you may be spending more money than usual, possibly on new clothes you will buy now or on travel that you will be taking. Having more money will be a blessing this month.

June 13 will be a perfect day to make a career-related action, appointment, event, meeting, or interview, when Mars will send Neptune a brilliant beam, linking your solar second house of earned income (Mars) to your tenth house of fame and honors (Neptune). Additionally, you may be asked to go on TV or come before the public in some other way on this very positive day.

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