Gemini Horoscope for July 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Instead of a new job, you may be dealing with someone who owes you money, you may owe someone else money, or you may be seeking sponsorship or venture capital. Saturn often acts like a crusty, cold, unemotional planet and will likely be hard-nosed. If you are simply trying to recover money that’s owed to you, Saturn may force you to live up to a new or previously made contract or verbal agreement, even if your adversary has twisted the truth into something unrecognizable. This means you will have to guard against quite a powerful and forceful response. When you think about it later on, it might appear that the other side is acting desperate and fighting over every little crumb. You may need a lawyer to help defend your position. The force of this pushback will surprise you, but the unseemly character of the person you’re dealing with will shock you even more. If you’re hoping to receive decent benefits, such as a stellar health insurance policy or stock equity in a startup firm, that doesn’t seem possible now—or if it is, the terms won’t be attractive this month.

Uranus and Mercury will still be in beautiful harmony, which is a blessing for you, as Mercury rules Gemini. Someone powerful will help you in this financial situation at the eleventh hour, just when you may have almost given up. Mercury is in your second house of money, and Uranus is in your behind-the-scenes sector, so you might never know who was sympathetic to your cause and came to your aid. If you do find out the identity of this kind person, you will have to keep it a secret. Clearly, they understand what’s going on and can see there is some unfairness at play. However, Mars, planet of war, will still be angry with Mercury, so there will be some commotion around you, and it will surely be about money. You will experience an entire spectrum of emotions, but I feel you will land sunny-side up, despite all the tensions.

I love that Jupiter and Neptune will be in magnificent harmony, a strong feature of 2020, as this doesn’t happen often. Neptune is in your solar tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement, and Jupiter is in your solar eighth house of other people’s money. The brilliant performance you’ve put in previously will be obvious now, and that has to be acknowledged. If you are in a creative field, you will be especially favored, as Neptune rules the arts, music, and other artistic expressions. I feel this is another clue that suggests you will prevail. Have faith, dear Gemini. I know it’s hard because eclipses shine a bright light on a subject to reveal certain truths you had not been privy to before. Once you have that extra piece of the puzzle on July 4-5, you will understand the situation in a new, enlightened way.

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