Gemini Horoscope for July 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

I should mention that on the flip side at the time of the eclipse, Mars will be in especially hard angle to Mercury, the planet that rules your Gemini Sun, and that’s another signal there will be a kerfuffle over finances. Mercury’s job it is to take good care of you, but at the start of this month, he’s too sleepy to be his usual helpful self. Indeed, Mercury will be weak as the month opens since he will be retrograde—a holdover from June 17—and will turn direct on July 12.

Mercury rules the moving parts in machines and all electronics. This means you need to wait before you buy items such as a new computer, smart phone, toaster oven, air conditioner, or refrigerator. Mercury also rules intelligent conversation, negotiation, and agreements, so it’s not a good time to sign paperwork. Wait until after July 12 to do so. Mercury is in Cancer right now, so expect late payments, and make contingency plans to cover expenses in case this happens. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, is in your money house and this will help, but Jupiter will also be weak in retrograde until September 12. Keep standing up for yourself, remind clients to pay, and have the inner confidence that you will prevail.

As if this isn’t enough emphasis on money, you will get a second new moon in a row in Cancer, which also highlights money. The new moon this month will arrive on July 20 at 28 degrees Cancer (not an eclipse). This new moon will emphasize your personal money, just as the new moon solar eclipse of June 21 did last month. This month, the news will be harder to take and the atmosphere more challenging than last month’s new moon solar eclipse, which was also in Cancer. All new moons open a fresh path, but unlike the June 21 eclipse, this new moon on July 20 seems to bring turbulent aspects with it, making nothing exactly easy. It should deliver you an opportunity to make more money, but when you hear the client’s list of duties or expectations, you may wonder if you should take the job at all. This would be a physically draining position, so decide carefully. I describe the conditions as being strenuous or tough because Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn will directly oppose this July 20 new moon in Cancer, plus two weeks.

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