Gemini Horoscope for July 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Neptune will be beautifully positioned at the time of the July 16 eclipse, so you may be on television or receive a great deal of publicity, and that will help boost your income as well. Your creativity will put you head and shoulders ahead of the competition this month if you give yourself the time and attention to generate ideas.

During July, Mercury will be retrograde, so your schedule will be peppered with postponements and delays. Schedule a short trip out of town, for Mars is brightening your travel sector. Choose a sunny, warm spot nearby—you won’t want to travel far—and make it a family vacation with your children, for they will bring bushels of laughter. With the new moon on July 31 also accenting travel, it seems assured that you’ll be traveling not only during July but also in August.

This month may find you preparing for surgery and will need to call your insurance company to be sure you have approvals for the procedure. If you are going in for a procedure, make sure your paperwork is received—it may go to the wrong department or become lost with Mercury retrograde, so follow up.

At work, your very best day to forge a deal will be July 25, when action (Mars) leads to accord and profits (Jupiter). Don’t formalize your agreement with paperwork until next month, well after Mercury has gone direct. Mercury will go direct on July 31, so August will bring a faster pace—consider signing on August 6. That same date would also be superb for negotiating the finer points of a contract as you edge closer to a conclusion on August 15.

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