Gemini Horoscope for July 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

The leading planet of the July 16 eclipse will be Saturn. Fortunately, Saturn will be in an exciting angle to Neptune in your tenth house of fame and honors, so despite the difficulties mentioned above, your career and reputation seem to be protected and intact and happily, will be shining brightly. That’s a relief! All you have done previously will put you in line for an elevated position in your field and also for a financial reward. You are known for your original approach to projects and your insistence on excellence. Those qualities will put you head and shoulders above the rest.

Sometimes an eclipse in the eighth house brings up an option to have surgery, for the eighth house is where transformation takes place. That is, the surgeon removes what is hurting you and transforms you to being healthy and pain-free again. For example, the surgery could be one you decide to have, for any number of reasons. If it is an emergency, then it would happen instantly, or if not urgent, it might happen in mid-August. The emphasis on money would relate to your insurance company and how much your provider would pay for your procedure.

July will keep bringing you news, for this month has a second new moon, on July 31, that will fall in Leo and put even more emphasis on your communications/writing/speaking/travel-oriented solar third house. At this new moon (not an eclipse), you will receive special benefits from a partner or collaborator, most likely a headhunter, editor, agent, publicist, or manager. If you collaborate with a writing partner or art director, you will be thrilled with the result. Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, is currently in your serious, committed-partnership and collaboration house, so this area of your chart will sparkle like diamonds in the Sun.

However, unpredictable Uranus will act up again, and this time, Uranus could bring re-dos and problems with your work project budget. Uranus will be at odds with three heavenly bodies: the new moon, the Sun, and Venus. Venus rules your creative fifth house, so perhaps other elements of the project, outside your purview and done by other members of the team, will not please the client, and I worry that your income could see a negative impact as a result. Uranus will suddenly challenge the new moon on July 31, and the moon in Gemini’s solar chart rules your earned income. If it is not a member of the team that causes things to go haywire, it could be that a column you wrote won’t appear in the publication, and so you’ll only receive a kill fee of 50%. As a Gemini, you have extraordinary talent in communication, so this seems not likely or even possible. Be on guard, however, and don’t spend too much in July, just in case.

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