Gemini Horoscope for July 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Now let’s turn to this eclipse’s twin, the full moon lunar eclipse on July 16 that will light your eighth house of other people’s money, ruling such things as insurance payouts, financial aid, scholarships, work bonuses, prizes, commissions, bonuses, royalties, licensing fees, inheritances, and similar funds. The problem with this tough eclipse coming on July 16 (the most difficult one of 2019) is that Uranus will be in hard angle to Mars and Mercury, an explosive aspect, and Pluto will oppose the Sun and conjoin the full moon lunar eclipse. Pluto can present a VIP who will be terribly unfair to you, and your outrage will have to be contained—you’ll need to be strategic about how you respond. The fact that Mercury is retrograde means what you say could backfire, so be cautious.

Uranus in hard angle to Mercury, your ruler, brings difficult news that makes you unnerved. Uranus at odds with Mars in your third house of travel suggests you must be careful when driving—ask your mechanic to check over your car and tires. Do not drive late at night—generally, nothing good happens between 2 AM and 5 AM. It would be best not to travel at mid-month, for business or pleasure, for this eclipse seems to make everyone jittery, and even if you personally are not affected, the people you interact with will be tense and distracted.

Your third house, where Mars and Mercury are based right now, rules short-distance travel, but also writing and speaking—all communication—so Uranus’ hard line with these two planets could bring difficulties with a manuscript or other communications project. You may experience problems with a client on an ad campaign you worked on, or you could run into a public relations or social media dilemma. You won’t see this situation coming, but your ability to come up with alternate methods to deal with this will impress everyone around you. As they say, there is more than one way to build a house, and more than one way to fix what comes up. As a Gemini, adaptability and flexibility is something that you carry in your DNA.

This second July 16 full moon eclipse presents a complicated picture, and there will be a measure of shock associated with it.

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