Gemini Horoscope for July 2019

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Sometimes an eclipse will deliver its news one month to the day before it appears (10% of the time) or one month to the day after it appears (15% of the time)—in each case, plus or minus five days. Astrologers work with bell curves, and we think of time differently than most people. You will most likely feel an eclipse within three days of the day it appears (75% of the time).

The series of eclipses that we have now is similar in both sign and degree to the family of eclipses came by in 2000, on July 1 and July 26, 2000. Of course, the other planets surrounding the eclipses are in different signs and houses of your chart, so no events in life are ever replicated exactly. If you can recall anything special that happened in July 2000, you might get a clue of what the theme of this eclipse will be.

Solar eclipses (new moons) usually are happy events, for they open a path. This one, in Cancer on July 2 at 11 degrees, will light your second house of earned income. The part I love about this eclipse is the gorgeous, sparkling beam Uranus will send to this new moon solar eclipse. Uranus is the planet of surprise. It seems you may be winning a new client or a new job and a new source of income. One way or the other, your income seems to be rising.

Saturn, however, will be acting badly and oppose the Sun and new moon directly on the new moon eclipse, July 2. If you do accept a new position or new project that will pay you generously, it appears you will have to work very hard—keep that in mind when you state your fee, and see if you can hire an assistant. You also may have to come up with a hefty amount to pay someone—it could be the taxes to the government, tuition for your college, or the fees for your little child’s camp. Or, it may be that your insurance company refuses to pay the full amount of your claim, which seems wrong to you.

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