Gemini Horoscope for January 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Your chart is unusual this month, for as a Gemini, you are not known as a very materialistic soul, but more interested in learning and creating new concepts and ideas and later communicating and debating them. Few people are as up to date on as wide a variety of topics as you, dear Gemini. That’s why it’s unusual to see you fairly obsessed with financials and in getting yours in order.

This emphasis on money matters started to gain momentum last month, in December, when Jupiter, the good fortune planet, entered financial Capricorn, your eighth house of other people’s money. Jupiter entered on December 2 and is set to stay twelve months, until December 19, 2020. A darling, peach of a solar eclipse in Capricorn at four degrees followed on December 25 in the same house, setting off new financial opportunities. Your financial abundance will likely not come to you through an increase in a flat salary (second house income). Rather the money that comes to you will more likely be performance-based (eighth house), that is, money that would usually come to you outside of salary. I have examples for you.

Specifically, you will do well in one or more of these areas—by a payment of commission, royalty, cash advance, licensing fee, bonus, or such outside sources as an inheritance, insurance claim payment, scholarship or university financial aid, bank loan or line of credit, venture capital, credit card, mortgage or refinanced mortgage, divorce or court settlement, or prize winnings. This house also covers valuable gifts as well as company benefits, such as health insurance or on-site childcare, that are worth good money if you were to pay for those benefits yourself. This is the area where so much activity is taking place.

This same area of the chart rules wills, estates, and living wills, as some examples, so if you don’t have a will or would like to change the one you have now, January affords you the perfect time to see a lawyer specializing in these documents and get it done. If you have children, you already know this is a must. (You read so much, so I know you already know this to be true.) Some of your friends may be in the dark about how bad it is for anyone not to have a will to cover any and all situations. Most people feel a will brings good luck, for once completed, they won’t need it for decades.

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