Gemini Horoscope for January 2018

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

During most of January, you will be nearly obsessed with money management. This is not usually like you, for the realm of ideas, facts, news, concepts, and creative thinking is usually a more compelling area for you to be drawn. Yet this is no ordinary month, and things that ordinarily would not capture your attention will suddenly do so now, as you will soon see. You will also have time for travel, so don’t be concerned that you may be heading into a dreary month.

The focus on money will begin immediately, at the full moon January 1, in Cancer 12 degrees. If anyone owed you money, it likely came in at the last minute, just as the year, 2017, was winding down to a close. The full moon, January 1, will light your second house of earned income, so it seems reasonable to assume that in the last week of December you sent checks to pay those you owe, and also might have been prepaying bills such as for property taxes (where allowed) or an anticipated bill for your dentist’s bill, among many possible examples, so that you can take a tax deduction for 2017.

Certainly as you enter the month, you have a strong buildup of planets in financial houses, and you will be interested in doing savvy planning with your accountant. Full moons bring things to culmination, so within four days of January 1, you will be finished with the major part of your check writing. This is not to say you won’t be thinking about money later – oh no, not at all. You will have plenty more financial talks and money management as the month goes on.

I will take things chronologically in the month so that you can easily see the structure of what is happening.

Pay special attention to Friday, January 5, and Saturday January 6, when Mars will align perfectly with Jupiter, an event that happens once every two years, but always in a different sign. (The exact aspect is due January 6, but you always feel the approaching energy one day earlier.) This time these two brilliant planets will meet on those days this month in Scorpio, in your sixth house of health and work projects. Mars is the planet of action, and Jupiter is the planet of good fortune, so good news that the cosmos is cooking up for you at this time should make you very happy. If you are self-employed, the news will be extra special, for a client of considerable importance is likely to give you a piece of substantial business. If you work for others, you can now be given a plum assignment that will bring you into a new realm – it will be the kind of assignment that will take you places in the future, and will likely pay you well too. A friend or other intermediary may be instrumental in helping you get your assignment opportunity at this time.

To show you how rare this aspect is, the last time Mars aligned with Jupiter in Scorpio in your solar sixth house, it was August 8, 1982. This aspect will happen again in Scorpio this month on January 6, but after that, will not repeat until November 24, 2053.

You must use January 5 or January 6 to pitch or present an idea for an important work-oriented project. These same days will also be superb to increase or strengthen your health and well-being, for the sixth house, where these planets are due to meet, is associated not only with work but also with the steps we take to improve health.

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