Gemini Horoscope for September 2023

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Your Horoscope for Gemini

Now let’s turn to the full moon on September 29. It is a golden peach of a moon in Aries where it will light your house of friendships, and it is likely you will have an exciting event to attend (or you may give the party). Pluto will beam gorgeous rays to the moon, so the people who attend this event will be successful types who will inspire you. Uranus will be beaming sweetly to your ruler Mercury in your home sector, so you may be attending a family event where friends are invited, too.

As an aside, it is always possible that two separate events will come to you at the same time—an event with friends and then separately, good news about a family member or real estate may happen at month’s end and be unrelated to the previous event. I do see you happy at this September 29 full moon. For example, you may be attending a fun convention, and at the same time get good news about your mother’s upturn in health. You see what I mean.

A full moon in Aries on September 29 would put Mars in charge, and happily, Mars in Libra will reach out to his sweetheart Venus in Leo. This is such good news, for it shows how far this full moon will go for you to be sure you have a loving, happy, and warm social life.

Mars recently moved into Libra on August 27 and will remain in this perfect-for-Gemini placement until October 11. This should enliven your love life in a big way. Single, attached, or married, all Gemini have a fresh chance at love. Mars will give you a better life-work balance with more chances for romance in coming weeks.

You will like the changes that September will bring. You’ve trudged through glue long enough—now you have solid help on the way.

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