Gemini Horoscope for September 2023

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Your Horoscope for Gemini

When it comes to career, Neptune is working in your favor, and Neptune is the ruler of your tenth house of career success. This is fortunate. Neptune in your tenth house of career will be in fine angle to Uranus in the behind-the-scenes part of your chart (twelfth house), so you have unexpected help from someone in a position to make right anything that might need to be corrected. Initially, you might not like the news of the full moon August 30 (you might already know about the message of that full moon). But hold on, you have plenty of good aspects to counter news you don’t like and reap the benefits of news and opportunities that you do.

Let me pause here for a second. Earlier, I mentioned “Gemini rising.” This refers to your rising sign, also called your “ascendant.” You know about your Sun sign (the sign where the Sun was on the day you were born), but your rising sign is JUST as important, and the only way to find your rising sign (that is, the sign that was on the eastern horizon at the precise time you were born) is by doing your chart. And you can now do your own chart on my site—for free. Just click on the banner above the fold that says “Free Natal Birth Chart.” This isn’t available on my app, only on my site, and you can do your chart as many times as you’d like.

Returning now to your September forecast, the theme of home and family will come up again, but this time in a wonderful way at the new moon September 14 in Virgo, 22 degrees. This cheerful new moon will herald a fresh start in your home environment, in regard to other property you hope to buy, sell, or rent, or to find good solutions to help a family member.

You have a golden triangle—quite beautiful—linking your Sun conjunct the new moon in Virgo to receiving generous beams from Pluto in your house of other people’s money. (That sector rules such funding as bank loans, venture capital, gifts, inheritances, prize money, insurance payouts, and other windfalls.) This will allow you to move ahead on projects that involve real estate and to help a family member in need, if this is your priority.

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