Gemini Horoscope for September 2023

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Your Horoscope for Gemini

At the same time (August 30) Jupiter, the good fortune planet, currently in Taurus, will be beaming his blessings to Mercury (in close, tight degree). Mercury is your ruler, which means this supportive aspect will be weighted more heavily in your favor than most other signs. Mercury is in your home sector, so this month many of your efforts to improve home and family will be rewarded, and you will be protected.

I have gone into a lot of detail about the August 30 full moon because it was an important one, and you will soon see how it will play out for you. Post on social media, if you like, on how it worked out for you. I want to know, and say if you are a Gemini or have Gemini rising.

Clearly you will be thinking of your family a lot in September—most likely one person in particular—or about your actual residence or other property you own, rent, or want to buy or sell. It is a persistent theme throughout the month.

When I think about your pressures at work, I feel there are VIPs who don’t want to hear about your responsibilities at home—they want your full, undivided attention (blame Saturn). No doubt you will have a full plate.

Helping home and family appears to be a persistent theme throughout the month, and I feel you will make considerable progress. You may want to move, refurbish, paint, redecorate, or declutter. You might instead want to entertain guests at a party that you give at home or invite a friend or family member over for a few nights to stay in your guest room. The full moon of August 30 can be of enormous help to you to accomplish those type wishes and plans.

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