Gemini Horoscope for September 2023

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Your Horoscope for Gemini

That full moon might have made you feel you were in the spotlight of publicity or praise for the tenth house, where this full moon would occur in your chart, is the lofty house of honors, awards, and achievement. It is the house that reflects the status and prestigious advancement you make in your career. Saturn was conjunct that full moon, adding a serious note of commitment that you would make at this time. There are various ways this could work out.

You may finish a very important project that you worked on long and hard and may hear much applause. Or you may get publicity in the press, but it is a wild card whether you will agree with the reporter’s assessment of you and your work. You might be thrilled or upset—it could go either way. Among mature readers, this full moon of August 30 may have marked your retirement, and for younger readers, it may have marked a major move to a new job. A full moon will always require a quick decision—there will be no time to mull things over—so this last full moon will deliver its news, you will decide, it will be over, and you will move on.

If you are self-employed, you may be given a weighty assignment from a new client, and good money would come with it. Saturn rules a financial sector of your chart, and the moon in Gemini’s chart is tied to your income. Financial discussions and negotiations seem to be triggered by this full moon

Pluto will be activated by the August 30 full moon and will be sending beams from your financial eighth house to that moon, suggesting you may see a large sum of money at the start of the month (if you didn’t already get a large sum last month, you will likely get one no later than September 4.)

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