Gemini Horoscope for September 2023

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Your Horoscope for Gemini

My dentist recently informed me that I would have to see the orthodontist, as my teeth were moving. Time to wear braces (Invisalign) he said, a fate I had somehow escaped my entire life. The orthodontist, who I visited for the first time prior to Venus’ retrograde, informed me it would take a year to correct my teeth. I told her I couldn’t start September 18. “Oh!” she said brightly, “Traveling?” Yes, I fibbed, praying she wouldn’t ask me where I was going. I was actually planning to be holed up in my apartment all summer writing my 2024 calendar, but it seemed like travel would be a better, more glamourous excuse to give her.

My orthodontist was OK with that timing, and as I handed her the first of what is to be many checks, she said, musing, I will probably have to wear the retainer for the rest of my life. My teeth will keep moving, just like those of everyone else’s. I had an immediate flash of me in the future, at age 105 (the current age of my spritely great aunt Faye, a Cancer, June 24) walking around New York wearing my retainer. That sealed my decision. There was no way I was going to undergo this expensive, lengthy procedure with Venus or Mercury retrograde. September 18 is my first appointment. I follow my own advice.

Turning to another topic, as you enter September, you may be thinking about your career and your family, and you may be feeling pulled in two directions over the situation which surfaced. On August 30 you experienced a full moon in Pisces, the very pinnacle of your chart (tenth house), bringing to culmination an important professional matter. A full moon has five days of influence as it gradually wanes, so you would feel its effects until September 4.

Mars recently moved into Libra on August 27 and will remain in this perfect-for-Gemini placement until October 11. This should enliven your love life in a big way.

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