Gemini Horoscope for September 2023

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Your Horoscope for Gemini

After two months of feeling you were getting nowhere, a change is afoot. Venus will go direct in Leo on September 3. Your ruler Mercury, still retrograde as you start September, will finally go direct on September 15. Things are about to get better and better.

If you have been working on a situation or with a relationship that seemed to go in endless circles—getting nowhere fast—we all feel that way. As a Gemini, you feel Mercury retrograde more than most because Mercury is your ruler. If you have Gemini or Virgo rising (or your natal moon in either of those two signs) and work in publishing or broadcasting, you can triple everything I just said.

Venus going direct September 3 will help your outlook for love and fun. Venus also rules beauty, luxury, and expensive purchases like diamonds and other precious gems, so you will soon see that life has become more social, lighter, and happier. You can call your dermatologist for treatments, the luxury spa for a massage, and your stylist to create a new hairstyle for you, and maybe best of all, if you are single, you can start dating again after Venus goes direct. If you dated during Venus retrograde, your first date would have a tenancy to deflate in affection after the first rush of excitement. Venus rules love after all, and you don’t want a weak Venus when you first meet. The condition of the planets will affect all the entire term of the relationship.

I feel it would be worth waiting 12 more days, until September 15, when Mercury, your ruler, will go direct, too. Venus typically retrogrades for approximately six weeks, and Mercury for three and a half weeks. You are so close now to enjoying an open road of ideal planetary aspects that I feel you should wait until September 15 to initiate important actions.

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