Gemini Horoscope for September 2022

Your September Horoscope for Gemini

Your creativity is also about to experience a big boost, for the same house that rules love and children also rules your artistic expressions. This is a new moon, so a new project may come up, and if so, it is likely to pay well and be exactly your cup of tea.

Venus will be the most important planet at this new moon, September 25, and happily, Venus will be speaking directly to Pluto in Capricorn, your financial eighth house. No matter what you hope to do regarding your home living situation, it will likely require money, and the money will appear thanks to this aspect. Alternatively, if you are hoping to help a parent with a living situation, Venus in your home sector will help you with that, too. If you need to hire an aid or find a suitable assisted living situation, although the task may seem initially hard, this new moon (and the previous one, August 27) will work to your favor. If you have searched but have found no solution, continue, for if you give this matter another try, this time may turn out to be the charm.


This is a powerful time in 2022 for you, with many parts of your life lit up, and it will require your attention. Mars, planet of high action, just recently moved into Gemini last month on August 20 to stay until March 25, 2023. Usually, Mars would only stay in one sign of the zodiac for six weeks, but you will have Mars to yourself for seven months. Mars is a high energy planet, so you will have to pace yourself in the coming weeks to deal with all the activity that is just cranking up.

Mars will put you in the spotlight as you will be starting a new chapter of your life. Mars is the natural ruler of your solar eleventh house of friendship and groups, so you may be joining or leading a community where members of the group have strong common interests. With Mars underscoring Gemini, your talent in communication will be central to your purpose and to your success. Mars teaches you how to compete well, too, particularly in the business world by boosting your courage, energy, and drive.

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