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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

September will be a big month because the new and full moons will touch the sensitive top and bottom portions of your chart, ruling key areas of life—home, family, and career.

Your home and family will receive your first attention, thanks to a very friendly new moon September 6 in Virgo, 15 degrees. Some sort of happy surprise is due, thanks to the tight aspect of Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, now in Taurus and in a perfect, friendly angle, to the transiting Sun and new moon in Virgo, both in your home and family sector. If you want to find a new house or apartment to move into, buy or rent a vacation home, or refresh your present space, your plans will proceed more smoothly than you ever expected. Immediate family members also form a part of this area of your chart, so for example, if you decide to help a parent, you will likely find an option you hadn’t considered previously that you like and that would work perfectly for this situation. Uranus will provide you with a stroke of luck, so start searching for ways to put the pieces of the puzzle of your plan in place.

During the first half of September, you may drive a short distance to see a family member or within 200 miles to view new property that you might want to buy or rent. Quick, short travel taken this month appears to be oriented around property or family. If you want to lease a vacation home, that, too, will be possible. It looks like you will be asked to sign a contract this month that is home- or property-related, or you may close on a house. If you are hiring experts to help you with your plans, you might sign a contract with one or more of them, such as a contractor, decorator, architect, painter, landscape artist, or other professional.

Regarding your family, you may hear unexpected, good news about someone in your immediate family, and the news would leave you feeling quite joyous and excited.

When we look at a new moon in Virgo, we need to consider the position of Mercury, Virgo’s ruler. Mercury is also Gemini’s ruler, for Gemini shares Mercury with Virgo. The condition of Mercury at the time of the new moon is an important indicator of the environment you will soon enter. Happily, Saturn will be beautifully oriented toward Mercury, so Saturn will give your decisions a certain weight and longevity. Saturn, now in Aquarius, could not be more supportive, and Mercury is in Libra—both air signs, just like yours. This means Saturn’s gifts of stability should give you a comforting sense of security.

Thursday, September 16, should be a very favorable day for you. If you need a mortgage or home improvement loan from your bank or want to refinance your current mortgage, schedule a meeting (and put in your application) on this day while the Sun, still in Virgo, is warming your fourth house of home and receiving golden beams from Pluto, based in your financial eighth house of credit, loans, and government programs—the house that covers other people’s money. If you have a discussion with your banker on this day, your chance of getting an affirmative answer will be strong. Additionally, you might find a wonderful bargain for furniture or antiques on this day, too. If you would like your family to help you with a loan, don’t be shy—ask. September 16 will glow for you.

A perfect day to make a solemn promise to someone important to you, in love or business, will be September 25,… for Mars, the sign of the courts, will send a friendly beam to Saturn, the planet of longevity, in Aquarius, the sign of the brotherhood of man.

Action planet Mars will remain in your fourth house of home and family until September 14. Mars has been in this area of your chart since July 29 and has spent all of August there too, so you may have already made a home or family-related decision. A family member may be doing something quite exciting, and you will want to be privy to all the news that comes up. You will have much help in home and family matters in September, thanks to that new moon on September 6 and the weeks that follow. (In the US, September 6 is a popular holiday, Labor Day.) If you work on your home or family plan after the new moon arrives on September 6, you should be very pleased with your progress.

In addition to the September 6 new moon, there are two reasons that you will see your greatest productivity in early September, especially from September 6 to 14. Here are the two reasons:

First, Mercury is about to retrograde from September 26 to October 18 in Libra, and you would not want to get close to September 26 when signing documents, such as when closing on a house. You should not buy any electronic items you need for yourself (computer, smartphone, iPad) or for your home (TV, dishwasher, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, air conditioner, and so forth) during Mercury retrograde. Buy those as early as possible in the month.

Second, Mars will enter Libra on September 14, and from then until October 30, you will likely notice that your interest in home and family plans will not be as intense as it has been. You won’t have Mars after mid-month, but you will still have the friendly new moon of September 6 to help you, which will be operative for a while longer. For best results, start working on home and family plans as early in the month as possible when you will be most productive.

Mars’ move into Libra from September 14 to October 30 will put you in the mood for love and romance. From September 14 onward, you will long for social connection—you will want to entertain at home, whether you have a fun pizza party for close friends as you watch a movie together or a chic, dress-to-the- nines cocktail or dinner party. Either way, entertaining at home will be one of life’s most enduring pleasures.

You will likely be in the mood for romance too, and if you’re single, the movement of Mars through your truelove sector will help you meet new romantic interests. If you are attached, Mars in Libra will help you add spice to your long-term relationship, especially if it’s become a tad too predictable. Everyone gains from this tour of Mars through Libra, and Libra is an air sign that blends perfectly with Gemini (also an air sign). There will be plenty of intellectual conversations and debates with friends and new people who enter your life, and that is how you like things best.

Mars will prepare you for a much bigger social life, set off by the new moon in Libra next month, October 6. That will enhance the theme of romance even more. Make no mistake, September will be for having fun with people, seeing those you know, and enjoying the new people you’re about to meet.

Now, let’s turn to the wonderful career news due for you at the full moon September 20 in Pisces, 28 degrees, lighting your prestigious, professional tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement. Pluto will be staunchly supportive of this full moon, so at this time, you could have powerful support from a VIP. This full moon will bring you attention, applause, and if self-employed, possibly a prestigious client. This full moon will conjunct Neptune, suggesting your face may be in the press or TV, or you may appear in an important role in a movie or be the subject of an online interview. Regardless, something about this full moon will bring attention to your style and creativity.

If you are offered a new job, or if you are ready to quit your present job, realize that Neptune is opposed to the Sun, urging you to make several assumptions that might not line up with reality. In a different manifestation of Neptune’s influence, you could see the culmination of an artistic project you worked on, then Neptune’s placement would be logical, making all you experience magical.

If you are not seeing a creative venture reach fruition, then you may be troubled a bit by Neptune, for this planet can obfuscate information. Be sure to ask many questions, and if signing a contract, have a lawyer look at the document. Neptune is famous for causing confusion and concealing data. Artistic enterprises are favored, not discussions about nuts-and-bolts financial matters. Those would be best delayed. Consider September 25 when Mars (action) will trine Saturn (solidity) to give your venture stability, longevity, and possibilities for growth

On the same day as the full moon in Pisces, September 20, your ruler Mercury will receive shimmering rays from Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck. You may receive news from a phone call or get an email inquiry about a new assignment from a foreign company, academia, or the media. Travel for pleasure might be a very good idea.

A perfect day to make a solemn promise to someone important to you, in love or business, will be September 25, the date I mentioned a bit earlier, for Mars, the sign of the courts, will send a friendly beam to Saturn, the planet of longevity, in Aquarius, the sign of the brotherhood of man.


Surprising, upbeat changes in your family, initiated by the new moon, could set off a new path that will follow you for six months to a year. This news could be triggered at the new moon on September 6 with sparkling vibrations from unpredictable Uranus in friendly mode to this new moon on the same day. If things turn out not to be related to your family, then the big news could be about your residence. You may move, buy new furniture, or undertake a remodeling project.

Venus will receive shimmering beams from Jupiter too, indicating you may have a new love interest, and you may soon be dining with this person at your home. If attached, you may be cooking up your partner’s favorite recipe. (And, my male readers, you may be cooking up something special for your partner too—this is not just a “girl thing.” Males make great home chefs, too.) One possibility is that you may be moving into a new home at the start of September. If you’ve not found your ideal space yet, begin looking immediately. This new moon may be one of your favorites of 2021 and will start a trend that will last six months to a year.

Mars is the energy planet that directs your attention to various parts of life. Until Mars leaves Virgo, your home will consume much of your thinking. That will change, however, after Mars moves to Libra, a sign that blends beautifully with yours.

Mars will be in Libra from September 14 to October 30. This coming period could mark the most romantic time of the year, and if you’re single, the onset of a very social and enchanting period for your love life. Mars will be contacted by Pluto, the powerhouse planet of transformation, so you could be transformed by love. If you are hoping for a baby, the same area of your chart ruling true love also rules pregnancy and birth—if you have struggled in the past, this is the time to consider seeing a fertility doctor to help with conception.

When it comes to your career, the full moon of September 20, plus five days, could mark an exciting moment for your professional advancement. Something is coming to culmination that will elevate your status in your industry or the world at large.

You may get a new job, a promotion, or if self-employed, important publicity or an award that everyone will notice and be buzzing about. Or you may get a new client or new business that turns out to be prestigious. Aside from developments as a result of the new moon in mid-March, this will be the most important point for your career all year.

If you want, you could use September 26, when the transiting moon will be in Gemini and Neptune is moving toward Venus, to have your professional photograph taken. The coming aspect of Neptune to Venus will be very special. I know this is the date Mercury retrograde starts, but if you know your photographer, going back to him or her now would yield great results. (Going back to the past is always a way to get around the problems of Mercury retrograde.)

Related to your burgeoning career will be the lovely interplay between Venus in your work-a-day sector and Neptune in your sector of honors, awards, and achievement on September 29. This may be the point of the month where you’re featured in an important press piece in the newspapers or on TV, for Neptune rules your silver image—such as a photograph of you—and it would be seen in the media. The area of your chart ruling professional advancement that will be brilliantly lit by the full moon on September 20 will also be active and lit by Neptune on September 29.

You will need to wrap up all important work a week before Mercury, your ruler, goes retrograde on September 26 to extend to October 18. The fact that Mercury rules Gemini means that the whereabouts of Mercury affects you more directly than other signs. If you make it a point to be organized, you could sidestep the most annoying parts of Mercury’s delays, mix-ups, lost items, and problems with electronics. You have an exciting month, so don’t let Mercury retrograde get you down—when he acts like Dennis the Menace, just laugh.

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