Gemini Horoscope for September 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Related to your burgeoning career will be the lovely interplay between Venus in your work-a-day sector and Neptune in your sector of honors, awards, and achievement on September 29. This may be the point of the month where you’re featured in an important press piece in the newspapers or on TV, for Neptune rules your silver image—such as a photograph of you—and it would be seen in the media. The area of your chart ruling professional advancement that will be brilliantly lit by the full moon on September 20 will also be active and lit by Neptune on September 29.

You will need to wrap up all important work a week before Mercury, your ruler, goes retrograde on September 26 to extend to October 18. The fact that Mercury rules Gemini means that the whereabouts of Mercury affects you more directly than other signs. If you make it a point to be organized, you could sidestep the most annoying parts of Mercury’s delays, mix-ups, lost items, and problems with electronics. You have an exciting month, so don’t let Mercury retrograde get you down—when he acts like Dennis the Menace, just laugh.Taschen Astrology Book

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