Gemini Horoscope for September 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Mars’ move into Libra from September 14 to October 30 will put you in the mood for love and romance. From September 14 onward, you will long for social connection—you will want to entertain at home, whether you have a fun pizza party for close friends as you watch a movie together or a chic, dress-to-the- nines cocktail or dinner party. Either way, entertaining at home will be one of life’s most enduring pleasures.

You will likely be in the mood for romance too, and if you’re single, the movement of Mars through your truelove sector will help you meet new romantic interests. If you are attached, Mars in Libra will help you add spice to your long-term relationship, especially if it’s become a tad too predictable. Everyone gains from this tour of Mars through Libra, and Libra is an air sign that blends perfectly with Gemini (also an air sign). There will be plenty of intellectual conversations and debates with friends and new people who enter your life, and that is how you like things best.

Mars will prepare you for a much bigger social life, set off by the new moon in Libra next month, October 6. That will enhance the theme of romance even more. Make no mistake, September will be for having fun with people, seeing those you know, and enjoying the new people you’re about to meet.

Now, let’s turn to the wonderful career news due for you at the full moon September 20 in Pisces, 28 degrees, lighting your prestigious, professional tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement. Pluto will be staunchly supportive of this full moon, so at this time, you could have powerful support from a VIP. This full moon will bring you attention, applause, and if self-employed, possibly a prestigious client. This full moon will conjunct Neptune, suggesting your face may be in the press or TV, or you may appear in an important role in a movie or be the subject of an online interview. Regardless, something about this full moon will bring attention to your style and creativity.

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