Gemini Horoscope for September 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Action planet Mars will remain in your fourth house of home and family until September 14. Mars has been in this area of your chart since July 29 and has spent all of August there too, so you may have already made a home or family-related decision. A family member may be doing something quite exciting, and you will want to be privy to all the news that comes up. You will have much help in home and family matters in September, thanks to that new moon on September 6 and the weeks that follow. (In the US, September 6 is a popular holiday, Labor Day.) If you work on your home or family plan after the new moon arrives on September 6, you should be very pleased with your progress.

In addition to the September 6 new moon, there are two reasons that you will see your greatest productivity in early September, especially from September 6 to 14. Here are the two reasons:

First, Mercury is about to retrograde from September 26 to October 18 in Libra, and you would not want to get close to September 26 when signing documents, such as when closing on a house. You should not buy any electronic items you need for yourself (computer, smartphone, iPad) or for your home (TV, dishwasher, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, air conditioner, and so forth) during Mercury retrograde. Buy those as early as possible in the month.

Second, Mars will enter Libra on September 14, and from then until October 30, you will likely notice that your interest in home and family plans will not be as intense as it has been. You won’t have Mars after mid-month, but you will still have the friendly new moon of September 6 to help you, which will be operative for a while longer. For best results, start working on home and family plans as early in the month as possible when you will be most productive.

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