Gemini Horoscope for September 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Regarding your family, you may hear unexpected, good news about someone in your immediate family, and the news would leave you feeling quite joyous and excited.

When we look at a new moon in Virgo, we need to consider the position of Mercury, Virgo’s ruler. Mercury is also Gemini’s ruler, for Gemini shares Mercury with Virgo. The condition of Mercury at the time of the new moon is an important indicator of the environment you will soon enter. Happily, Saturn will be beautifully oriented toward Mercury, so Saturn will give your decisions a certain weight and longevity. Saturn, now in Aquarius, could not be more supportive, and Mercury is in Libra—both air signs, just like yours. This means Saturn’s gifts of stability should give you a comforting sense of security.

Thursday, September 16, should be a very favorable day for you. If you need a mortgage or home improvement loan from your bank or want to refinance your current mortgage, schedule a meeting (and put in your application) on this day while the Sun, still in Virgo, is warming your fourth house of home and receiving golden beams from Pluto, based in your financial eighth house of credit, loans, and government programs—the house that covers other people’s money. If you have a discussion with your banker on this day, your chance of getting an affirmative answer will be strong. Additionally, you might find a wonderful bargain for furniture or antiques on this day, too. If you would like your family to help you with a loan, don’t be shy—ask. September 16 will glow for you.

A perfect day to make a solemn promise to someone important to you, in love or business, will be September 25,… for Mars, the sign of the courts, will send a friendly beam to Saturn, the planet of longevity, in Aquarius, the sign of the brotherhood of man.

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