Gemini Horoscope for September 2019

A Note from Susan Miller


Dear Readers,

I can’t wait until you read September! It will be a glorious month, with lovely aspects. I was excited as I did my calculations for you and was eager to relate all the good news to you as quickly as possible. This will be a month like none other and special in ways that won’t be repeated. Everyone is being given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a breakthrough on a desire dear to your heart.

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

In this beautiful month, home and family will be in your heart and on your mind. Last month you had some sparkling aspects for travel and perhaps enjoyed a getaway, but this month, at least at the start, even if you do take a little trip, your heart will be on family and your physical residence or other property you might own or rent.

Several cute little planets have been quietly gathering in your solar fourth house of home, including Mercury, your ruler, Venus, and Mars. They were all dressed up and in place in Virgo, waiting for the lovely new moon to arrive with her partner, the Sun. This dazzling power-couple—the new moon and Sun—arrived just two days before the start of September on August 30 in Virgo at seven degrees. This is surely one of the finest new moons of the year, encouraging in every way.

Uranus wishes he could have been there, but it would have taken him 25 years to reach Virgo, so that won’t happen. He’s working behind the scenes in your twelfth sector of the subconscious to bring you brilliant ideas, stir your creativity, and encourage your intuition. Uranus, now in Taurus, will work toward preparing you for the day he enters Gemini on April 25, 2026, for a seven-year stay. If Uranus does his job right, you will emerge as the authentic, independent individual that you are inside and meant to be, unencumbered by society’s pressures or the expectations of your parents, romantic partner, professors, or friends. Finally, by 2026, you will truly be your own person, unique in every way. This will take Uranus time to develop in you, so Uranus has to stay in Taurus for now. Also, the twelfth house is a house of solitude and creativity, so if you are working on writing a book, screenplay, thesis, or theory, you will be positively brilliant.

Since Uranus can’t make the party going on in your home sector this month and is feeling left out, Uranus will send a silvery, electric beam from across the skies to all the little planets living it up in Virgo. Uranus is the planet of surprise, so with this sweet involvement, you will likely receive good news and one or more out-of-the-blue surprises from family or concerning your living quarters.

Your ruler Mercury is among the little planets that greeted the new moon and Sun. A ruling planet is meant to take good care of you, and this month, Mercury will be doing an especially fine job. Additionally, Venus’ position suggests you might want to decorate your home with new furniture, paint a room a new, soft color, redo your kitchen or bathroom, or simply buy new linens.

Mars’ involvement with this new moon suggests your home will be noisy, so you could be entertaining friends and family there. You might have something to celebrate—a cousin going off to college, your sister’s new baby, your daughter’s major win in the soccer tournament—any of these or other events could be the reason you might want to mark a big, happy landmark event.

The exciting full moon on September 13 will light your professional house of honors, awards, and achievements, so watch your career move up another impressive notch…. Pluto will be in a perfect position to the full moon, so staunch support from powerful people seems assured, and you could receive a large check.

On the other hand, the noise I see could be because you are moving, or the sounds may be emanating from workmen drilling, nailing, and banging around your property to make it just the way you dreamed it to be. If this relates to you, your timing would be perfect. Alternatively, you might be working on decluttering and organizing your space and also making home repairs. Good! If you are selling, buying, or renting property, you will find you do very well financially this month.

If you are not working on your home—and astrology does not dictate what you do, but rather allows you to decide—you might instead be thinking a lot about a parent. You could be helping your mother find a new doctor, your father pack up things in storage, or one or both of your parents set up autopay to take care of monthly recurring bills.

If you have been dealing with medical people or interviewing physical therapy facilities, nursing homes, or an assisted-living place for an elderly family member, as a few examples, you are likely to find an option that makes you feel good. I love that Uranus is so very positive—if your mother or father is ill, you could have a reason for hope. A new drug or breakthrough medical procedure might work and restore your parent to health. (The reason I say this is that Uranus rules science, research, and all things new and high tech.)

Uranus is not the only planet that helps you at the August 30 new moon and in the ten days that follow. Saturn does not want to be upstaged by Uranus, and he feels bad that he can’t be present at the party either. Saturn currently travels far from both Uranus and the crowd of planets in your house of home. In fact, Saturn is now on assignment in your eighth house of other people’s money to teach you financial lessons about credit, insurance, money shared or entrusted to another, and so forth. Saturn happens to be in the right spot at the right time of this new moon—it will help you make your home, or a family member, more comfortable and secure.

Home-related plans almost always require funding, and here, again you will be luckier than a leprechaun, for you can receive the money you need now. Saturn will see that you do. Whether you need a home improvement loan, mortgage, or even contributions from other family members to chip in and share to better care for Mom or Dad, the money will come. This really is an amazing month with a dazzling new moon.

Watch September 19, when Mars in Virgo, your fourth house of home, will reach out to Pluto in your eighth house of other people’s money. It’s a very lucky day for finding the money you need to start or to finish a large project.

Try to settle all your home and family matters in September, your lucky month. Mars, the energy planet will remain in that house until October 3, a place Mars took up on August 17. After October 3, it will be hard to see the swift progress you can see now.

Before I move on to the other exciting parts of the month (and believe me, the coming aspects are off the charts), I want to mention two days—September 1 and September 5—as excellent days for you to advance your interests.

On September 1, your ruler Mercury will be in conversation with surprising Uranus on your behalf, making it a fun day to invite people over to your home or to travel to attend an event. (Mercury is the planet of travel and communication.) September 1 coincides with Labor Day weekend in America, a popular holiday to travel short distances with the entire family. This Labor Day will be extra special for you.

September 5 will be another super day when Mercury and Saturn will be in sync. This is a day when a promise made is a promise that lasts, possibly forever. It’s a good day to sign a contract, too.

The exciting full moon on September 13 will light your professional house of honors, awards, and achievements, so watch your career move up another impressive notch. This will be the only full moon of the year to light this lofty house and will be influential for as long as five days after it occurs. After the five days, the moon will have fully waned. (The closer the news arrives to September 13, the better and stronger it will affect you.) Pluto will be in a perfect position to the full moon, so staunch support from powerful people seems assured, and you could receive a large check.

Pluto, the slowest planet in the solar system, is also the most powerful and holds sway over financial matters. News at the September 13 full moon about money due you could be exciting for the sum may be quite substantial. You may receive a huge commission, fee, cash advance, inheritance, mortgage, court settlement, an influx of venture capital, bonus, or other check heading your way that has your name on it.

Neptune will conjoin the moon, so you may be the subject of enviable publicity or be asked to be on television or Internet TV. Pluto will be friendly to Neptune too, of course, as the moon and Neptune will be together. It seems that you might have created something that brings attention to you. Your status will also climb in your industry now, which is part of the reason you’ll be so excited about what occurs.

If you have to make a big financial decision, then you should consult a lawyer. Neptune has a side that can fog or confuse information, so you will want another pair of eyes looking over the deal and helping you negotiate it, or to settle on a final answer.

Now let’s turn to Saturn, which has been going retrograde since April 29 and will now turn direct this month on September 18. If you have been having problems reaching a settlement or seeing a profit on a deal, you will be pleased with the change you see this month. If an insurance company owes you money on a claim or you are due back child support, the flood gates will now open, and there will be no need to wait in silence any longer.

Watch the dates that Saturn stations, which means the planet seems to stop moving, from September 8 to September 28. Whenever a planet goes direct from having been retrograde for a time, it is considered a very powerful period. For a short period, that planet will not move forward or backward but seem to just hang in the sky as it works its internal engines to prepare to make a U-turn. If you pay attention to the days that span September 8 to September 28, you will see clues of financial news to come. The news will be subtle but unmistakable, so keep an ear out for it.

Here is a jewel of a day, September 24, when Mercury, your ruling planet, will meet with Jupiter, the great benefic, on your behalf. On this day, your partner or a person from your business life, such as an agent or manager, will bring you sensational news. It’s an ideal day to sign an agreement on a new opportunity. You might want to close on a house, and your partner may be your real estate broker or banker. It’s also special for travel, shopping for a gorgeous item (the moon will be in the designer sign of Leo), or for having a first date or a fun date with your one and only.

By month’s end, you will have made impressive progress with home and family matters and received exciting news about your career. But what about love and romance? Will you have an interesting prospect for enjoying some fun as well in September? Yes! Absolutely!

The new moon, September 28, in Libra five degrees, will be the most important new moon of 2019 to bring breathtaking love into your life. Like all new moons, I can tell you when to socialize (now and in the coming ten days), but if you don’t leave the house, alas, the beautiful energy of this new moon will evaporate into the air in time and vanish. I would implore you to go out and be open to different kinds of people. Don’t be too rigid about who you’ll date and who you won’t—the universe knows best. Sometimes we meet someone we would never ordinarily be attracted to, and he or she becomes the one.

The reason I am so excited about this new moon is that it is in Libra, lighting your solar fifth house of love, fun, romance, and leisure activities—the ones you love to do. Libra rules this house of your horoscope, and Venus rules Libra. What you would need at this new moon is a friendly, brilliant beam between Venus and another planet. Guess what? You have exactly what you need! Exactly on September 28, Venus will receive shimmering golden beams from good-fortune Jupiter. Oh, my goodness—you could not wish for anything better than this!

If you are single, you will want to circulate in the days following the September 28 new moon—you will have ten days. This new moon will rev up your social life for a year, but what you do now, at the end of September, counts a lot. You might want to choose a few new clothes to give you the extra confidence and pleasure you will need when you socialize. Whether you are a man or a woman, you may want to ask your stylist about how to wear your hair, and for women, see about updating your makeup colors. Both sexes might want to investigate the idea of a new cologne.

If you are attached, you can find new ways to bond together. You might want to schedule a vacation, but it would be best to plan now and take it later, in April, when you can have the most fun. For now, surprise your partner in little ways by showing how much you love him or her. Giving focused attention, without distraction, is the greatest gift any of us can give another person.

You have a big month in store with home, career, and romance all holding the potential for creating headline news in your life. Go out and embrace life with both arms, dear Gemini. This month is for you.


September will be your month to muse about how to make your home a haven to return to each evening. You have an extraordinary number of heavenly bodies stacking up in your fourth sector that rules home and family, and it’s joyously aspected. In this month of unusual harmony, you can think big, for it looks like the pieces of your puzzle will fall almost effortlessly into place.

You could be thinking of making a residential move or doing an important top-to-bottom renovation, and if so, your moment has come to start. You may feel your décor looks tired and needs a facelift or that needed repairs have gone on too long without your taking action. This will be the most important new moon you’ve seen in years to make changes, and what you institute now you’ll enjoy for a long time.

Making any changes in living quarters usually requires considerable funds, and here again, you are in luck. You seem to have the support of bankers, mortgage brokers, and your family too, so it seems assured that you will have the money to move forward. This new moon arrived on August 30 but will strongly affect you in the first ten days of September. Depending on what you initiate in early September, you may feel the bright energy of this new moon for months to come. Best of all, Uranus, the planet of surprise, will beam the planets in your home sector, sending you out-of-the-blue luck when you least expect it to happen.

If your home is not on your mind, you might direct the energy of this powerful new moon to take care of one of your parents or to someone you think of as a parent. If you need funds, again, they will appear if you seek them.

Finally, early September would also be a great time to entertain friends and family or rent a cottage in verdant mountains for a few days (there are many planets in earth signs, which suggests a forest setting) and invite your favorite relatives to come to enjoy each other. Having children there would ensure giggles.

In this outstandingly happy month, the September 13 full moon will switch your attention to your career, when on that day (plus five days), you can expect a shower of praise for an original artistic idea you created. This full moon will be in Pisces, the sign of artistic expression and compassion, and light your tenth house of career, fame, and honors. Along with a promotion or special publicity, you may receive a substantial bonus, commission, or royalty at the full moon as well. There is a quality about this full moon that will be very satisfying. You’ve worked hard for this moment and being recognized by those who matter will feel great.

Mercury, your ruler, will make three joyous aspects this month, so see if you can use one or more of these dates to your advantage. The first will come on September 1, when Mercury will form a sextile with Uranus. Surprises and serendipity are in store—it’s a lovely day that you will also feel the day before, August 31.

The second great day will be when Mercury and Saturn combine signals on September 5. Saturn adds longevity and stability to all this planet touches, so this would be a perfect day to sign a contract or close on a house, assuming you want the deal to stay in place a long time.

The very best day involving your guardian planet Mercury (giving this aspect special weight and importance) will be on September 24, when Mercury in Libra will converse with lucky Jupiter on your behalf. What a wonderful day to travel, especially with the one you love. Alternatively, you may want to sign a lease or close on a house. This would also be a fabulous day to become engaged or married for Mercury will be in your truelove sector, while Jupiter will be in your marriage house showering your impending union with love and happiness.

The dazzling quality of September will continue through each subsequent week. Lucky you, the September 28 new moon will bring a bevy of planets in Libra, all in one part of the chart, and this is called a crown of stars. Your fifth house of truelove will be glowing with brilliant energy. By this point in the month, the planets in earth-sign Virgo that had helped you create enormous productivity at home or with family earlier in the month will move on to air-sign Libra, one that blends beautifully with your air-sign Gemini Sun.

If you are single, this new moon may help you discover a person who understands you and who is loving and true blue to you. If you are married or in an established relationship, this unusually strong energy in your fifth house of love and fun makes it the perfect time to plan a weekend getaway. Choose a location in the first half of October, perhaps to view exciting fall foliage in a mountainous location. Planets in compatible Libra suggest that no matter what you choose to do, you would enjoy going to a spot with sumptuous, natural beauty, for Venus rules Libra.

This new moon also has a bonus—Venus and Jupiter will be in what astrologers call a sextile, indicating an aspect that brings golden opportunity. In your case, that opportunity will be for enjoying love, and your partner will be very strong.

This new moon will be one of your best of the year to find love and also to conceive a baby. (Conception is the number one question I receive from readers.)

if you and your partner have tried with no luck, make an appointment with a fertility expert early in September, and by the new moon September 28, and the ten days that follow in October, you might have reason to celebrate.

En­­­­­joy this month, dear Gemini, as it seems tailor-made for you!

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