Gemini Horoscope for September 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

The dazzling quality of September will continue through each subsequent week. Lucky you, the September 28 new moon will bring a bevy of planets in Libra, all in one part of the chart, and this is called a crown of stars. Your fifth house of truelove will be glowing with brilliant energy. By this point in the month, the planets in earth-sign Virgo that had helped you create enormous productivity at home or with family earlier in the month will move on to air-sign Libra, one that blends beautifully with your air-sign Gemini Sun.

If you are single, this new moon may help you discover a person who understands you and who is loving and true blue to you. If you are married or in an established relationship, this unusually strong energy in your fifth house of love and fun makes it the perfect time to plan a weekend getaway. Choose a location in the first half of October, perhaps to view exciting fall foliage in a mountainous location. Planets in compatible Libra suggest that no matter what you choose to do, you would enjoy going to a spot with sumptuous, natural beauty, for Venus rules Libra.

This new moon also has a bonus—Venus and Jupiter will be in what astrologers call a sextile, indicating an aspect that brings golden opportunity. In your case, that opportunity will be for enjoying love, and your partner will be very strong.

This new moon will be one of your best of the year to find love and also to conceive a baby. (Conception is the number one question I receive from readers.)

if you and your partner have tried with no luck, make an appointment with a fertility expert early in September, and by the new moon September 28, and the ten days that follow in October, you might have reason to celebrate.

En­­­­­joy this month, dear Gemini, as it seems tailor-made for you!

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