Gemini Horoscope for September 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Finally, early September would also be a great time to entertain friends and family or rent a cottage in verdant mountains for a few days (there are many planets in earth signs, which suggests a forest setting) and invite your favorite relatives to come to enjoy each other. Having children there would ensure giggles.

In this outstandingly happy month, the September 13 full moon will switch your attention to your career, when on that day (plus five days), you can expect a shower of praise for an original artistic idea you created. This full moon will be in Pisces, the sign of artistic expression and compassion, and light your tenth house of career, fame, and honors. Along with a promotion or special publicity, you may receive a substantial bonus, commission, or royalty at the full moon as well. There is a quality about this full moon that will be very satisfying. You’ve worked hard for this moment and being recognized by those who matter will feel great.

Mercury, your ruler, will make three joyous aspects this month, so see if you can use one or more of these dates to your advantage. The first will come on September 1, when Mercury will form a sextile with Uranus. Surprises and serendipity are in store—it’s a lovely day that you will also feel the day before, August 31.

The second great day will be when Mercury and Saturn combine signals on September 5. Saturn adds longevity and stability to all this planet touches, so this would be a perfect day to sign a contract or close on a house, assuming you want the deal to stay in place a long time.

The very best day involving your guardian planet Mercury (giving this aspect special weight and importance) will be on September 24, when Mercury in Libra will converse with lucky Jupiter on your behalf. What a wonderful day to travel, especially with the one you love. Alternatively, you may want to sign a lease or close on a house. This would also be a fabulous day to become engaged or married for Mercury will be in your truelove sector, while Jupiter will be in your marriage house showering your impending union with love and happiness.

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