Gemini Horoscope for September 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Your ruler Mercury is among the little planets that greeted the new moon and Sun. A ruling planet is meant to take good care of you, and this month, Mercury will be doing an especially fine job. Additionally, Venus’ position suggests you might want to decorate your home with new furniture, paint a room a new, soft color, redo your kitchen or bathroom, or simply buy new linens.

Mars’ involvement with this new moon suggests your home will be noisy, so you could be entertaining friends and family there. You might have something to celebrate—a cousin going off to college, your sister’s new baby, your daughter’s major win in the soccer tournament—any of these or other events could be the reason you might want to mark a big, happy landmark event.

The exciting full moon on September 13 will light your professional house of honors, awards, and achievements, so watch your career move up another impressive notch…. Pluto will be in a perfect position to the full moon, so staunch support from powerful people seems assured, and you could receive a large check.

On the other hand, the noise I see could be because you are moving, or the sounds may be emanating from workmen drilling, nailing, and banging around your property to make it just the way you dreamed it to be. If this relates to you, your timing would be perfect. Alternatively, you might be working on decluttering and organizing your space and also making home repairs. Good! If you are selling, buying, or renting property, you will find you do very well financially this month.

If you are not working on your home—and astrology does not dictate what you do, but rather allows you to decide—you might instead be thinking a lot about a parent. You could be helping your mother find a new doctor, your father pack up things in storage, or one or both of your parents set up autopay to take care of monthly recurring bills.

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