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Dear Reader:

I am so happy to send you my October forecast because it is an unusual one. Despite the fact that Mercury will be retrograde until October 18 (almost always an annoying aspect causing delays and mix-ups), you can nevertheless look forward to a splendid month, filled with many magnificent aspects sprinkled throughout October. I feel these coming jewel-like aspects will be so strong, you may not be ruffled too much by Mercury retrograde. After all, you do have experience with little Mercury and can outwit many of his antics.

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You will love October—you have a plethora of glowing aspects in support of you in this beautiful month. Before I continue, I will confess that Gemini’s ruling planet, Mercury, will be retrograde, a trend that started September 26 and will go until October 18. Still, I stand by my conviction that October could well turn out to be special for you. With most celestial bodies in air signs (Sun, new moon, Mercury, and Mars in Libra, and Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius) and one planet moving into fire on October 7 for the rest of the month (Venus in Sagittarius), life on Earth will be a friendly place. With this kind of support and a little luck, you may be unstoppable.

If you are not familiar with Mercury retrograde, you need to know that it’s not wise to buy any electronic item during this period, and that means do not buy a car—new cars today are filled with electronics! If you are buying a used car, buy from a reliable dealer who has checked out the mechanics and warrants its safety—even so, you need to wait several days after October 18 to do so.

Let’s start with October 6 when the new moon in Libra, 13 degrees, will light your fifth house ruling fun, love, leisure, vacations, romance, time with children, pregnancy, and birth. This lovely area of the chart also rules your creativity, so as you see, you are due for one outstanding month.

For years, a slew of planets were in the wrong place and spoiled your chances for a vibrant social life, but not this month—this month, the planets are in near-perfect alignment. The Sun and new moon will arrive at Libra, 13 degrees, Mars in Libra will be at 13 degrees, and your ruler Mercury, 21 degrees, will be in Libra, too. This indicates that you will likely be ready to kick back and have fun. With Mercury retrograde in your house of true love, someone you did love or were very interested in may come back into your life this month to see if the two of you can make a go of things.

If your birthday falls on June 3, plus or minus five days, or if you have Gemini rising within five degrees of 13 degrees, you will do doubly well with this encouraging new moon. The same is true if you have a natal planet in Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius within five degrees of 13 degrees—if you do, that planet will work hard for you this month. Make a note of what happens!

As the new moon in Libra draws near, Venus will become the most prominent planet. On October 2, Venus will have a friendly communication with Pluto, and for you, Venus will take on a financial function—you could see a large check come into your bank account in early October. Venus and Pluto will still be close enough to continue sending you good vibrations at the new moon on October 6. Venus may continue to sprinkle you with financial luck for a few days—the money you could see would emanate from your work, so no need to go out and buy lotto tickets!

I love that you have so many positive, supportive planets in air and fire, the dominant elements this month. My favorite part of this new moon is that Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, will be in sync with the Sun, new moon, and Mars, which is remarkable. Jupiter might help you see a long-held wish finally come true. You will have to do your part to show the universe what that wish might be and why it is a priority for you. Take steps!

Jupiter’s interaction with the new moon also suggests you may make some good money in the first half of the month, and Mercury, your ruler, will also be within range of Jupiter. It’s always a good situation whenever your ruler is connected to Jupiter.

On Friday, October 15, Jupiter and the Sun will be in rare heavenly trine, which might make this one of your favorite days of the month. On this magical day, the world will be your oyster, and luck will be staunchly on your side. It’s an exceptional day, so use it for an important action.

Shortly after October 6, in addition to the career boost you receive, this new moon’s main purpose will be to set off a spark of love. If you’re single and hoping to meet your one truelove, a friend may offer to make an introduction, and if that happens, agree to the meeting! Love could also surface through your work with someone on your level, a co-worker, or someone from the outside who visits your company. If you are already seeing someone special, or if you’re married or in an established relationship, this new moon will create time for you both to grow closer and to put love and fun first.

If you dearly want a baby but have been frustrated by the lack of conception, this would also be the right time to consult a fertility expert (or to get a second opinion). With this new moon’s emphasis on pregnancy and birth, this could be the right time to freeze your eggs, especially if you are concerned about running out of time to meet your one truelove. Experts say that the younger you do so, the better the quality of the eggs. Be sure to talk this matter over with your doctor and make a plan.

This new moon on October 6 will also ignite your creativity, so if you are paid to come up with original ideas, this new moon will stimulate your thinking. You may have a private creative pastime you are serious about—by all means, set aside time to work on your project. No matter if your artistic expression is for work or just for you, you can generate especially imaginative ideas within the two weeks that follow this new moon.

On Friday, October 15, Jupiter and the Sun will be in rare heavenly trine, which might make this one of your favorite days of the month. On this magical day, the world will be your oyster, and luck will be staunchly on your side. It’s an exceptional day, so use it for an important action.

You will be in the mood for luxury that evening, so book a night or two in an elegant hotel and devote all your attention to your one and only. You might go back to a location you always loved but have not visited in a long time. Mercury will want you to go back to the past.

The fact that Mars is in your fifth house of fun and love until October 30 is significant because Mars’ job is to energize a part of your life and motivate you to take advantage of opportunities that are coming up. A new moon will open a portal that had been previously closed, so you will have the combination of Mars and the new moon working for you. A new moon is influential for six months or more and is especially strong in the week that follows its appearance.

You have been working hard, and 2021 has not turned out to be easy. November will bring many demands on everyone, of every sign. The new moon of November 4 will be especially difficult due to unexpected news that is likely to come up. While October is so supportive, get as much done as you can after Mercury goes direct, October 18.

Do the research and have discussions while Mercury is retrograde, and put plans and commitments into place in the last days of October. Leave a space of days after Mercury goes direct because Mercury needs a little time to regulate his orbit when he turns direct. Later, I will discuss why October 28 and October 31 will be so special for you. Just keep those dates in your back pocket!

This month is about giving you time to catch your breath and work on innovative ideas that bubble up for you. If you want to take a vacation in October, you can, even while Mercury is out of phase. Your office manager will probably freak out when you say you want to go away for a few days, but if you have your phone and computer with you, you should be able to go. I have never left the house without my cell phone and laptop. I never know when one of my editors will need a question answered. I don’t mind staying in continual touch even when traveling, and you might not either.

A joyful, red-letter day could turn out to be Friday, October 15, when Jupiter, in air-sign Aquarius, your house of love, creativity, and happiness, will signal the Sun in Libra, also an air sign. With Jupiter in your ninth house, this would be an ideal day to talk about an upcoming project involving broadcasting, publishing, or the digital world. Mercury will still be retrograde, but it’s a good time to talk about or send a query letter that includes an idea. If you had already opened talks and a project has lagged or been put on a shelf, this would be the day to reignite it and move it along. If your birthday falls on or within five days of June 12, you will get a double-dip of pleasure.

Remarkably, three big outer planets will go direct this month. Jupiter has been bumbling along like a little turtle since June 20 but will turn direct on October 17. Pluto has been retrograding even longer, since April 27, and will turn direct on October 6. Saturn will turn direct October 10, having been retrograde since May 23. As soon as Mercury goes direct October 18, the following weeks will move along at a much faster pace, and you should be productive. Saturn will help your financial situation—if you have been working hard and wondering why your financials haven’t reflected your focused effort, you will surely be pleased with the uptick in income.

November might bring a wild ride for financial markets due to a lunation in Scorpio and an eclipse in Taurus, but don’t make any rash moves. I am not a financial astrologer, so be sure to consult and listen to the advice of your financial advisor.

Your blossoming social life will continue as you go through the month, so put a gold star on your calendar on October 20 when the full moon in Aries, 27 degrees, will appear and brighten your eleventh house of friendship. You might see a friend that you’ve not seen in months and thoroughly enjoy catching up. This same full moon in Aries will also have the power to bring something you care about into being. If your birthday falls on June 18, or you have Gemini rising or the natal moon within five degrees of 27 degrees, you will benefit from this full moon.

If you are an activist, you might be involved in a community, humanistic, or charitable effort during this moon period surrounding October 20, plus five days.

Saturn will be in hard angle to the full moon of October 20, so don’t overdo it at work because that may lower your resistance. You may be enthusiastic about taking on new responsibilities, but you could stretch yourself too thin. If you need assistance, ask for it, or hire temporary help.

Also, Mars will oppose this full moon, so if someone close is critical of you, listen to the feedback and try to use it to make improvements, and don’t let it crush your confidence. I maintain that this is a positive full moon, for the eleventh house was called by Hellenistic (Greek) astrologers to be the house of joy. I love that Jupiter will be so perfectly positioned—that adds up to major assistance!

If you are very organized, get vital deals and contracts ready for signing later in the month, after Mercury has turned direct, October 18. I will be honest—November will be a challenge for everyone, especially at the difficult new moon November 4 and the weeks that follow. Mars will move into Scorpio on October 30, so your office work will heat up next month. While you can, take a little time for yourself early this month, and then be ready to roll in October’s last week.

Before I go, I want you to know that you have two stellar days this month: October 28 and October 31. Let’s look at both.

On October 28, Venus in Sagittarius will be sextile good-fortune planet Jupiter in Aquarius, a divine aspect for romance and travel. Both heavenly bodies will be in signs highly compatible with yours. Not only will this be a romantic day, it also will be perfect for business negotiation or making a commitment.

On the last day of the month, October 31, Mercury, your ruling planet, will be in communication with the sublime planet, Jupiter. This is the most perfect day to sign an agreement or contract. You can buy something expensive like a computer or automobile and know you will love it the entire time you own the product. So many things should go your way on October 31.

You have a positive month ahead, dear Gemini, so use it and don’t let the delays of Mercury retrograde get you down. If you are deliberate in your actions, Mercury won’t frustrate you. Resist the tendency to rush, for then you won’t be forgetful or lose things. Be purposeful, and you will be humming a happy tune all month.


It’s possible you were toiling at your desk in July, August, and September and wondering when it would be safe for you to turn away from work and take a break. The answer is: October. You’ve had a lot of work to do over the past few months, and you may have realized that if you did go away, you’d only have double the amount of work on your desk when you returned. A lot of Gemini’s work is time-sensitive, so vacations often may not be vacations at all. They simply make you worry. The good news is that October will be all about having fun and taking time for yourself.

By October 6, migrating heavenly bodies—the Sun, new moon, Mars, and Mercury—will have settled in your fifth house of true love. This new moon will be especially glorious because it, and all the celestial bodies in her entourage, will be in Libra, an air sign like your Sun sign Gemini, and Saturn, the planet that can impart comforting stability, will be in an air sign, Aquarius, at a divine angle to the Sun, new moon, and Mars.

A friendly, giving new moon in this part of your chart (fifth house) is in prime position to encourage the possibility of meeting someone new if you’re single, so be sure to step out socially in the days that follow this new moon. The fact that Mars is in this house until October 30 suggests that you will have many reasons to go out as Mars always stirs up a flurry of activity in the house it visits.

If you are attached, you may now discover you are pregnant and expecting a baby. This would also be the right time to try for a baby or to put in papers for adoption.

This new moon, October 6, will draw out your creativity too, so if you have a job where you are paid for your ideas, contribute your most imaginative ones. If you have a creative pastime, set aside time to devote your energies to it—you will see that this month, your projects will shine.

Venus, the planet of love, will start out moving through your work-a-day sector, but on October 7 will move into Sagittarius, your marriage and partnership sector. If you are serious about the person you are dating, your time together would likely become silky smooth and joyful. Married Gemini will find October heavenly, so make plans to heighten your experience together.

Mercury, your ruler, will be retrograde for a large part of this month, a trend that started September 26 and will extend until October 18. Avoid signing papers while Mercury is out of phase.

Jupiter will be perfectly angled to the Sun on October 15, a stellar day for you. Schedule something of importance for this day—it will glitter like diamonds in the Sun and may be one of the most important dates of the month for you.

The full moon on October 20 (plus five days) could easily bring a special social event to your agenda. This full moon will be in Aries and bring a huge burst of energy to your social life. You will want to see friends after such a long period of isolation and hibernation due to the pandemic. In honor of this peach of a full moon, set up lunches and dinner dates so you can talk with friends one-on-one and concentrate without distraction with those who mean so much to you. You may dine in a luxe restaurant or be invited to a beautiful wedding between October 21 and 25, and you will love this event. You may have to travel to get there, and you would do so joyfully.

If you are community-minded, on the full moon October 20, you may want to join a group to make life better for those who have been marginalized. You may be able to make the acquaintance of new people you’d like to get to know. Wear your mask and be sure you are vaccinated—hopefully, friends are following the science, too. With your health one of the items being highlighted in November, I want you to enter the month in robust shape.

Jupiter has been retrograding since way back on June 20 in your ninth house, which covers international travel and relationships, the media, legal matters, and topics having to do with academia. Jupiter will turn direct this month on October 17 in fellow air-sign Aquarius. From October 17 onward, Jupiter will be in an exceptionally strong position to help you move forward with one or more of the topics covered by the ninth house.

As the month begins to wind down, you will have two more jewel-like days—October 28 and October 31.

On October 28, Venus and Jupiter will set the stage for a romantic time and possible trip.

October 31, Halloween, won’t be especially social, but wow, Mercury and Jupiter in sparkling sync should help you to increase business. It’s your ideal day to sign a contract or buy an expensive electronic product—a laptop, a car, TV, or washer-dryer as examples. Have fun shopping!

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