Gemini Horoscope for October 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

By October 6, migrating heavenly bodies—the Sun, new moon, Mars, and Mercury—will have settled in your fifth house of true love. This new moon will be especially glorious because it, and all the celestial bodies in her entourage, will be in Libra, an air sign like your Sun sign Gemini, and Saturn, the planet that can impart comforting stability, will be in an air sign, Aquarius, at a divine angle to the Sun, new moon, and Mars.

A friendly, giving new moon in this part of your chart (fifth house) is in prime position to encourage the possibility of meeting someone new if you’re single, so be sure to step out socially in the days that follow this new moon. The fact that Mars is in this house until October 30 suggests that you will have many reasons to go out as Mars always stirs up a flurry of activity in the house it visits.

If you are attached, you may now discover you are pregnant and expecting a baby. This would also be the right time to try for a baby or to put in papers for adoption.

This new moon, October 6, will draw out your creativity too, so if you have a job where you are paid for your ideas, contribute your most imaginative ones. If you have a creative pastime, set aside time to devote your energies to it—you will see that this month, your projects will shine.

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