Gemini Horoscope for October 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Your blossoming social life will continue as you go through the month, so put a gold star on your calendar on October 20 when the full moon in Aries, 27 degrees, will appear and brighten your eleventh house of friendship. You might see a friend that you’ve not seen in months and thoroughly enjoy catching up. This same full moon in Aries will also have the power to bring something you care about into being. If your birthday falls on June 18, or you have Gemini rising or the natal moon within five degrees of 27 degrees, you will benefit from this full moon.

If you are an activist, you might be involved in a community, humanistic, or charitable effort during this moon period surrounding October 20, plus five days.

Saturn will be in hard angle to the full moon of October 20, so don’t overdo it at work because that may lower your resistance. You may be enthusiastic about taking on new responsibilities, but you could stretch yourself too thin. If you need assistance, ask for it, or hire temporary help.

Also, Mars will oppose this full moon, so if someone close is critical of you, listen to the feedback and try to use it to make improvements, and don’t let it crush your confidence. I maintain that this is a positive full moon, for the eleventh house was called by Hellenistic (Greek) astrologers to be the house of joy. I love that Jupiter will be so perfectly positioned—that adds up to major assistance!

If you are very organized, get vital deals and contracts ready for signing later in the month, after Mercury has turned direct, October 18. I will be honest—November will be a challenge for everyone, especially at the difficult new moon November 4 and the weeks that follow. Mars will move into Scorpio on October 30, so your office work will heat up next month. While you can, take a little time for yourself early this month, and then be ready to roll in October’s last week.

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