Gemini Horoscope for October 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

You will be in the mood for luxury that evening, so book a night or two in an elegant hotel and devote all your attention to your one and only. You might go back to a location you always loved but have not visited in a long time. Mercury will want you to go back to the past.

The fact that Mars is in your fifth house of fun and love until October 30 is significant because Mars’ job is to energize a part of your life and motivate you to take advantage of opportunities that are coming up. A new moon will open a portal that had been previously closed, so you will have the combination of Mars and the new moon working for you. A new moon is influential for six months or more and is especially strong in the week that follows its appearance.

You have been working hard, and 2021 has not turned out to be easy. November will bring many demands on everyone, of every sign. The new moon of November 4 will be especially difficult due to unexpected news that is likely to come up. While October is so supportive, get as much done as you can after Mercury goes direct, October 18.

Do the research and have discussions while Mercury is retrograde, and put plans and commitments into place in the last days of October. Leave a space of days after Mercury goes direct because Mercury needs a little time to regulate his orbit when he turns direct. Later, I will discuss why October 28 and October 31 will be so special for you. Just keep those dates in your back pocket!

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