Gemini Horoscope for October 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Shortly after October 6, in addition to the career boost you receive, this new moon’s main purpose will be to set off a spark of love. If you’re single and hoping to meet your one truelove, a friend may offer to make an introduction, and if that happens, agree to the meeting! Love could also surface through your work with someone on your level, a co-worker, or someone from the outside who visits your company. If you are already seeing someone special, or if you’re married or in an established relationship, this new moon will create time for you both to grow closer and to put love and fun first.

If you dearly want a baby but have been frustrated by the lack of conception, this would also be the right time to consult a fertility expert (or to get a second opinion). With this new moon’s emphasis on pregnancy and birth, this could be the right time to freeze your eggs, especially if you are concerned about running out of time to meet your one truelove. Experts say that the younger you do so, the better the quality of the eggs. Be sure to talk this matter over with your doctor and make a plan.

This new moon on October 6 will also ignite your creativity, so if you are paid to come up with original ideas, this new moon will stimulate your thinking. You may have a private creative pastime you are serious about—by all means, set aside time to work on your project. No matter if your artistic expression is for work or just for you, you can generate especially imaginative ideas within the two weeks that follow this new moon.

On Friday, October 15, Jupiter and the Sun will be in rare heavenly trine, which might make this one of your favorite days of the month. On this magical day, the world will be your oyster, and luck will be staunchly on your side. It’s an exceptional day, so use it for an important action.

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