Gemini Horoscope for October 2021

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

You will love October—you have a plethora of glowing aspects in support of you in this beautiful month. Before I continue, I will confess that Gemini’s ruling planet, Mercury, will be retrograde, a trend that started September 26 and will go until October 18. Still, I stand by my conviction that October could well turn out to be special for you. With most celestial bodies in air signs (Sun, new moon, Mercury, and Mars in Libra, and Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius) and one planet moving into fire on October 7 for the rest of the month (Venus in Sagittarius), life on Earth will be a friendly place. With this kind of support and a little luck, you may be unstoppable.

If you are not familiar with Mercury retrograde, you need to know that it’s not wise to buy any electronic item during this period, and that means do not buy a car—new cars today are filled with electronics! If you are buying a used car, buy from a reliable dealer who has checked out the mechanics and warrants its safety—even so, you need to wait several days after October 18 to do so.

Let’s start with October 6 when the new moon in Libra, 13 degrees, will light your fifth house ruling fun, love, leisure, vacations, romance, time with children, pregnancy, and birth. This lovely area of the chart also rules your creativity, so as you see, you are due for one outstanding month.

For years, a slew of planets were in the wrong place and spoiled your chances for a vibrant social life, but not this month—this month, the planets are in near-perfect alignment. The Sun and new moon will arrive at Libra, 13 degrees, Mars in Libra will be at 13 degrees, and your ruler Mercury, 21 degrees, will be in Libra, too. This indicates that you will likely be ready to kick back and have fun. With Mercury retrograde in your house of true love, someone you did love or were very interested in may come back into your life this month to see if the two of you can make a go of things.

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