Gemini Horoscope for October 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This month’s planets will reveal weak links in relationships and conditions that you will either need to improve or put an end to. Difficult full moons can be the key to a brighter future because they expose all you need to know. If you have done nothing wrong, you will be helped by a loving universe. If you have made a mistake, the universe will gently push you on the right track—in that case, welcome the opportunity.

The full moon of October 1 will focus on a friend, a group of friends, your community at work, or the managers of a club you belong to. Or if you own your own company or are in a joint venture with another company, the focus may be on that alliance.

The full moon of October 1 will bring a platonic relationship to a culmination, but it seems you will be upset with someone (or a group or company) for not paying you the money promised at this full moon. You likely won’t walk away, though, because with Mars taunting three planets in your eighth house (of other people’s money), you will stand up for yourself and possibly wisely hire a lawyer to be your advocate.

With the full moon in Aries, Mars takes the lead here, but Mars will come up against Pluto, so the solution won’t be simple or quick. At times you may feel like you are fighting city hall because the pushback you will feel will be substantial. This is outrageous because you are the innocent one here. Take your time—Rome was not built in a day. The other party you will be trying to reason with will attempt to intimidate you so that you’ll back off. Mars won’t let you stop—keep confidently pressing forward. Be prepared for unexpected developments from this person or group of people, as Uranus will be close enough to oppose your ruling planet, Mercury.

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