Gemini Horoscope for October 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Even once authorities announce a vaccine, they still have to make it and distribute it, not only to your countrymen but all over the world. Unless every country has the vaccine, we will never be able to be free of this virus. Did you know the Spanish Flu is still with us? You can google it. Only now we call it the seasonal flu, not the Spanish Flu, and every year, it mutates. You might want to ask your doctor if you should get a flu shot now. I got mine already because I hear there may be a run on them. The flu shot takes two to four weeks to begin to work, so I thought I would start early. I mention all this because this October 31 full moon could lower your resistance.

This full moon will be heavily influenced by Uranus, so again, financial news is a roll of the dice. It might be good news, or it may be on the other end of the spectrum, bad news. With Uranus, you never know. Uranus always brings news you’d never expect, never considered, and perhaps never thought of as possible. I don’t want you to raise your hopes, however, because not only will Mars be in position in your eleventh house of friendships, dreams, and desires, but he will also still be aiming his canons at Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter. Mercury, from his position in your fifth house of love, children, and leisure will do the same. You seem to be in some sort of deadlock in October. Things will get better in November, and you may see a softening of the financial situation.

I know, this month is a real challenge. Are there any good days? Yes! In the US (as well as Columbia, Venezuela, Chile, Spain, and Mexico), we celebrate Columbus Day, and on that weekend, October 10-12, we have a lovely interplay between Venus and Uranus. If you are single, you might find love, even in a pandemic. Have a friend set you up with a virtual blind date on Zoom.

There is another way to use October 11. You might take a short trip—usually within 200 miles of your home base—because Venus is in your third house of quick travel. A trip to the countryside sounds good, yes?

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