Gemini Horoscope for October 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

In terms of your friend, you may be hearing that your friend is getting married or moving away or some other news that makes you sit up and take notice.

While all this is going on, Venus is watching from your third house of communication—the house Gemini rules—and will contact Mars, presumably in an effort to calm him down a little. Mars loves Venus, and yet because the universe gives them both so many assignments, they have precious few moments to speak to each other. Now they will, and that will help. Venus will be in Leo, a sign that blends well with yours, so if you have to talk with a friend or to someone who owes you money, I would say use a soft touch. Your charm will go a long way to help you get the money owed you.

I hesitate to give you another way this could work out, but I might as well, because I am your friend, and I have to list everything I see. It is possible that a friend has betrayed you financially, and you will find out about it at this full moon. I hope this is not the way things work out, but I can’t be sure. Full moons have a way of bringing forth full disclosure—usually from someone else, not the perpetrator. In this case, the full moon will be trying to help you protect yourself.

If your birthday falls on May 28, plus or minus five days, you will somehow find a way to make this full moon work for you. The same is true if you have Gemini rising 9 degrees, plus or minus five degrees, or a natal planet in Gemini, Aquarius, or Libra at 9 degrees, plus or minus five degrees. If so, you will have something to be happy about.

Ah, but we are just getting started. Next comes the new moon in Libra, 24 degrees, filling your fifth house of true love. Mars is standing across the skies (180 degrees away) in Aries and aiming his ammunition at the new moon and Sun in Libra. To add to the tension, Mars is still continuing his conflict with Saturn and Pluto in your house of other people’s money.

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