Gemini Horoscope for November 2023

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Your Horoscope for Gemini

A troublesome new moon (but not an eclipse) is due to arrive on November 13 in Scorpio, 21 degrees, drawing your attention to work and to the individuals, or a single member of your team, who report to you. You will be busy with tasks to complete, and you will need all hands on deck, but it seems that some of your subordinates may not get along with each other, forcing you into the role of mediator. Alternatively, someone may make an error that has to be corrected, for if it is not, things could go haywire.

In the weeks that follow November 13, you will need to be present on the job—in the office, not on a business trip or holiday—so you can run interference and, if necessary, save the day.

Taskmaster Saturn will be in hard angle to your ruler Mercury, so if someone who reports to you quits, you will have to take on more until you can hire a replacement. It looks like you will be very focused on all that happens on a current project, for you reputation will be at stake. Keep your health strong, for the new moon will put a strain on you. This difficult new moon will affect everyone, not just you, and people you speak to will be feeling more tense than usual—be kind.

Venus will move into Libra from November 8 to December 4. This is a perfect place for Venus to be, for Venus will tour your fifth house of true love and fun.

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