Gemini Horoscope for November 2022

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Your Horoscope for Gemini

As you enter November, you may feel tension in the air. We are quickly closing in on a total difficult eclipse of the moon in Taurus, 16 degrees, on November 8. This full moon eclipse is tied to the eclipse that appeared two weeks prior, the solar eclipse of October 25 in Scorpio, 2 degrees. That October eclipse appeared in your sixth house of work projects, so you may be focused on a person who worked for you or who was a teammate. Or it may be that a work project simply was not working out well, and the wheels are about to spin off the bus.

Astrologers work with bell curves, so 10 percent of my readers will have already received the message of the November 8 eclipses one month to the day earlier, plus or minus four days, and that would have been on or very near October 9. Most of my readers—75 percent—will feel the message on the actual date of the eclipse, November 8, plus or minus four days. The remaining readers, 15 percent, will feel the news of this eclipse on December 7, plus or minus four days.

The part that makes this eclipse so difficult is that the unpredictable, volatile, and rebellious planet Uranus, orbiting at 17 degrees, will be precisely conjunct the full moon in Taurus at 17 degrees and in direct opposition to the Sun at 17 degrees Scorpio. Uranus and the full moon are based in your twelfth house of secrets, a house that also rules secret enemies, so what will come out will be quite a shock. Your ruler Mercury, aligned with the Sun in Scorpio at 17 degrees, will receive an opposition from Uranus, so you are likely to feel this energy in your work sector.

Eclipses are known to bring a floodlight of truth to the surface, and it always is information you’ve not had previously. To add to this eclipse, Saturn is found in Aquarius, 18 degrees, in the middle between the Sun in Scorpio, 17 degrees, and the full moon in Taurus, 17 degrees. All three signs, Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius are fixed signs, so it’s forming what astrologers call a T-square that will seem poured in cement. As a Gemini, you are a flexible creature, but the situation or the person you are dealing with from your office is not willing to move an inch.

The matter may harken back to something that occurred at the last eclipse, as the eclipses in a series, currently in the Taurus-Scorpio family of signs, are all connected like pearls on a necklace. Each eclipse in the series pushes the matter further toward a conclusion. This series will continue a bit longer, however, as this family of Scorpio and Taurus eclipses (respectively) will continue as lunar eclipses due May 5 and October 28, 2023, next year. Be very careful who you hire, and check all references and statements on their application, such as colleges attended and background experience.

It is possible you won’t feel this regarding an assistant, other subordinate, co-worker, teammate, or client or with a project that is going all wrong. The sixth house (Scorpio in your chart) is your house of health and healing, and the twelfth house (Taurus) rules such areas as hospitals, rehab centers, physical therapy, nursing homes, and places of confinement (even prisons). I am not saying you would be confined, but an operation that you may have put off, physical therapy, or rehab could be a good idea. If you work with prison reform, you may have interactions with officers in an institution.

The twelfth house, alternatively, rules all that is hidden and also the subconscious and mental health. Scorpio rules law enforcement, police, judges, and prosecutors, so you may have interactions with medical or law enforcement personnel because you may say you were victimized, such as through identity theft, or be accused of doing something that you might not have done at all. Taurus and Scorpio are both financial signs, and Saturn is the natural ruler of your solar eighth house of other people’s money, so the topic of money or something valuable will certainly come up in conversation.

This trio of heavy-duty planets—Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto—could earn you a large commission, royalty, or licensing fee.

Just be careful about decisions you make at the volatile November 8 eclipse, a time you need to treat things like you would nitroglycerine. Don’t be overly aggressive, but rather stop and think before you say or do anything. The rule with this, or any lunar eclipse, is not to initiate an action, but you can RESPOND to another person’s action. That bears repeating: do not initiate, but rather respond. In the meantime, see if you can hire help to reduce the stress on you, or take mini-breaks or weekend getaways now and then. I need you to pace yourself because you will have many weeks to go before Mars leaves Gemini on March 25. Remember, though, YOU have the ultimate control, even at times when it doesn’t feel that way!

Mars is still currently in Gemini, a place Mars entered on August 20, and late last month, on October 30, Mars started to retrograde and retrace his steps. Mars will stay in Gemini, not slipping into any other sign during the retrograde, and will go direct in Gemini on January 12. Mars will remain in Gemini until March 25, 2023.

This trend has both an upside and downside. The downside is that you may feel exhausted from all the stimulus around you—there is a lot going on. If you were born with Uranus in Gemini (August 1941-June 1949), Virgo (November 1961-June 1969), or Sagittarius (February 1981-December 1988) (these are approximate dates for at times Uranus retrograded in and out), then you would feel this trend of Mars more sharply. If you feel tense over a situation possibly related to the eclipse, you may feel like you have both hands in electrical sockets—but this is all temporary.

Keep in mind that there is a big plus side to this period. You are a Gemini (or have it rising, and that is equal in importance), so with Mars in Gemini, you have the ultimate control over events. You will be passionate, determined, courageous—all qualities of warrior Mars. You won’t shy away from conflict, you will move toward it. Mars just went retrograde, so if you are dealing with a matter that is stressful, it will take time to sort out. You won’t make rapid progress, and this may be frustrating, but realize you will start to see progress by late January. (Mars needs time to ramp up after going direct on January 12.) The entire matter may not be finished until late February or until Mars leaves Gemini on March 25. It’s hard to tell.

I can say that this eclipse will mark an important point on November 8. You will see surreal events play out on television and in your own life. We are all in the same boat. This eclipse is a total eclipse of the moon, so a woman you have worked with may be “eclipsed out” of your life at this time, which might be the end of this problem, but I’m not sure. Some matters have layers (like an onion), and I don’t know what you are dealing with this month. If you are dealing with a complex matter, it could move to a new, more sophisticated place on the eclipse November 8.

A new moon (not an eclipse) will occur on November 23 in Sagittarius, 2 degrees, and energize your seventh house of partners. This is the house of engagement and marriage, of collaborators, experts, agents, accountants, and all those professionals you hire to work with you on an equal basis. While your twelfth house on November 8 will be lit up and is the house of secret enemies, the new moon November 23 will light your house of open enemies. At least you will know by this point what a certain person has been doing, or plotting, behind your back.

If you have no problems with the eclipse November 8, then this could be a joyous time when you and your sweetheart decide to get engaged in time for the holidays. If romantically you are already married, you can choose a new goal to work on together. You might save up for a trip of a lifetime or plan to have another baby, as two examples.

Benefic Jupiter in Pisces, 29 degrees, will be in a perfect position to send golden beams to the Sun and new moon (by now just two tiny degrees beyond Scorpio at 2 degrees Sagittarius) in an out-of-sign trine.

Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, will turn direct on November 23, having been retrograde since July 28 of this year. Jupiter is now in Pisces, lighting your tenth house of reputation, and as it is the planet of happiness, your career will be going incredibly well. It seems you will have another victory to talk about very soon, and that new breakthrough will occur from November 23 to December 20, the time Jupiter will spend in Pisces. Get the champaign on ice, dear Gemini—by the time you get to December 20 (or before) you will have a professional triumph to celebrate!


A difficult full moon eclipse on November 8 will occur in the most private, hidden part of your chart, so a secret or an intention of someone is likely to come into the open suddenly like a geyser shooting forcefully from underground. It will arrive without warning. Uranus will be conjunct the full moon, a nerve-jangling aspect, and at the same time oppose the Sun. Uranus will also oppose your ruler Mercury and Venus, both in Scorpio. At the same time, Saturn will send a harsh angle—a square (obstacles)—to the Sun and full moon, indicating that the weight of responsibility will press on your shoulders. A person on your team, possibly a trusted subordinate, could pose a problem and is about to depart. An eclipse of the moon is always female, so the person who will leave would be a woman.

Clearly some of the personnel structure in your workplace has to change to improve the situation—it will fall to you to find that answer. Be practical and realistic, and you can solve the complex questions that will come up. Jupiter has magically returned this month to Pisces and will orbit in your tenth house of fame and honors and be in contact with powerhouse Pluto in your financial eighth house. Neptune will be in your tenth house waiting to greet Jupiter, so it appears you will be in the news or have a public face. This trio of heavy-duty planets—Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto—could earn you a large commission, royalty, or licensing fee. Although at first when the need for change becomes apparent, you may assume things are going all wrong, but if you are patient and don’t rush to react, you will soon see the pressure to make changes was simply a blessing in disguise.

If all is fine at the office, you may have greater than usual interaction with medical personnel in early November. This may be because a beloved relative needs surgery, and you will volunteer to be her advocate or accompany your friend to physical therapy the first time if she’s a little tense. If not that, it may be that you will check yourself into the hospital to have a procedure done that you’ve put off. Good—you will start the New Year feeling in top shape if you do.

At the new moon on November 23, you will be thinking about joining forces with another, and Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, will smile on your decision. It’s a good time to open talks, and since Jupiter is in your tenth house of career reputation and honors, it appears this person is someone who would work with you in your professional life in a confidential, one-on-one way. You may make an agreement with a lawyer, accountant, headhunter, agent, manager, business partner, wedding planner, or someone else who could help you get ahead.

It is true that this same part of your chart (seventh house) rules marriage or an engagement. Certainly, that is possible, but it seems more likely that this coming together and the joining forces of you and another person would be for business. Jupiter’s position is open, the alliance would be fruitful, and profits would result. Mars is still retrograde in Gemini, so talk together but plan to start in late January. January may sound far away, but the holidays come in between, and the time will fly by. Wait to launch anything important in the New Year. You will be glad you did.

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