Gemini Horoscope for November 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Uranus, known as the Great Awakener, will swoop in this month and correct a situation that has gone on too long without a solution, such as a trusted, but disappointing, subordinate member of your staff at work or a key helper at home will suddenly announce their departure (keeping you from having to let him or her go), or you may discover troubling news about that person’s behavior and be forced to ask that person to leave. Alternatively, you may hear news from your company that rattles you.

Taskmaster Saturn will be angry at the new moon and Sun, so you will need to take on more responsibilities. Don’t try to find solutions to things quickly. What comes up at new moons can take six months (or more) to resolve. They are not like full moons that wrap up situations fast, so be patient.

The Sun will feel the brunt of Uranus, and the Sun in your solar chart has dominion over your communication skill, mostly having to do with writing or speaking. One long-term opportunity may end, but because the universe cannot tolerate a vacuum, you will soon find another gig to fill the void. The moon rules your income, so you may lose a source of income but fear not—your outlook for financial success remains strong.

Of all the planets, Neptune is the cheeriest and most helpful to you this month, for this planet of imagination will send a silvery beam directly to the Sun and new moon, stimulating your creativity and resourcefulness.

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