Gemini Horoscope for November 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Aside from money, the eighth house rules transformations, so after all the turbulence of November, you will emerge triumphant—this position of Venus shows the final resolve will be positive for you, even if you don’t see the truth of this immediately. In time you will see—this eclipse will have been your friend.


Cosmic storms are moving through, so don’t overbook your agenda as you will need flexibility in how you use your time. You will need to focus your attention on your health and day-to-day office life. If you are not working, you might be spending time looking for work similar to what you’ve done in the past. Whether or not you are currently working, you are probably not looking for more responsibility, but you may need to take on more just the same. We haven’t seen a month like this in some time, so remain close to home, and don’t overload yourself.

The new moon on November 4 is under siege by unpredictable Uranus. You may be unaware of some things. Maybe you ignored the signals, or information was kept from you. Regardless of how it may have happened, this new moon will bring information to the surface with great speed and force. With Uranus tightly opposed to the Sun and new moon, the news will seem to come quite unexpectedly.

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